Young Thug has some of the hottest singles out right now “Danny Glover” and “Stoner” . He recently spoke with Fader magazine about his new projects, his relationship and loyalty to the man who signed him (currently incarcerated) Gucci Mane. The big homie also discuss how his creativity is heightened by the bud/the reefer/the chronic/that weed/that ohhhhhhh wee!

Check out the details below.

The big homie Young Thug sat down with Fader Magazine to discuss a couple of things. He first address his relationship with the homie Gucci Mane. He has this to say about Gucci and his allegiance to his mentor,

“If Gucci Mane said fuck you, you need to please know that Young Thug says fuck you too.”

As most of the famous rappers in the industry, Young Thug is a dabbler of the herb that we call weed. Young Thug the ultimate stoner really did not have much to say but he says it helps him “THINK”. He went on to name a few people who he considers stoners:

“Hendrix, Michael, Wayne, Future. Those are stoners…..Drugs help me think, but they aren’t the reason why I think. I don’t want to explain. I hate explaining. But I can definitely show you.”

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