Can you believe that Zonnique is old enough to go to the prom? Time is flying. We are sure that Tip and Tiny are very proud of their eldest baby girl! Go head Zonnique!

Our baby girl went to the prom over the weekend. The Harris kids feel like all of our kids since we have gotten to know and LOVE them on T.I. & Tiny: Family Hustle. It’s amazing to watch the Harris kids blossom into themselves from the baby Major to the eldest baby girl  Zonnique. Zonnique has grown into a real little lady. She has a flourishing career in music, she’s driving a hot little car, attempting to date under the watchful eye of POPS, and now going off to the prom.



She looked like an absolute doll. We wonder if Shekinah created her pretty blue updo. Zonnique signature blue hair fits her and looks really cute with her prom dress. The STYLE of the young women today are both fun and edgy. Her hair looked both elegant and fun.



 It’s nice to share such an intimate moment with the Harris Family. Social Media makes it so much easier to see your favorite celebrities do everyday things like sending their baby girl to prom. How sweet!



I am sure the big homie TIP gave her escort a nice little chat at the house before they left for the prom.



It might have been raining cats, dogs, horses, and pigeons, but the bright smile on Zonnique’s face makes it look like a sunny day in the A!

We absolutely love the Harris family.

Will you be tuning in to the Family Hustle tonight?

Did you love Zonnique’s dress?

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