Worlds Fattest Man Eating Himself To Death


This is the story of the battle to save the world’s fattest man. His addiction to food has devastated his life, and he lives in his bed 24/7. Can yall tell me what those masses are between his legs? They look like…little fat people. Only surgery will correct this massive problem, and he has only a 50-50 chance of surviving.

How did this happen? What ya’ll think about this?

By: Xavier B.


  1. In a way I kind of feel bad for him, I suppose if it were easy for him to stop eating, he would loose the weight. I also think a lot has to do with his genetics, because I know people that consume the same amount of food that this man does, but do not weigh 1000 pounds like he does.

  2. This is just totally unnecessary When he reached the 300 mark that should have been a sign that he needed help. I don’t feel sorry for him I feel repulsed by him.

  3. no sympathy at all for him. I just can’t understand how you get so fat to were you can’t even move. More so I can’t understand why ppl continue to feed him the way that they do. There’s no way I would supply anybody in my family with food like that knowing that they are killing themselves! shame on it all!

  4. eh…
    How could he eat so much?
    why would he even start eating that much?
    If I was joking around id say he needs to switch his diet with an anorexic person haha!
    might save his life!

  5. If this was about a crack or meth addict we would all be awww poor poor man we nee to help him . but because it’s a food addiction some of you people are acting like total jack asses. It should be made law that if ANY one talks smack or hate about over weight people there be a fine or criminal charge just like a people gay bashing. For too long now people with weight problems have been the brunt of gruel nasty and hateful people’s abuse. SO STOP IT NOW!!!


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