21yr Old Ohio Mom Teaches Her 2 Year Old Daughter How To Smoke Weed! [Footage Of Her Video Taping It]


little girl smoking

(9/17/2010) The 2-year-old girl, with her too-big tank top slipping off of her left shoulder, stands and watches television as she puts a joint to her lips and takes a puff before waving her arm to fan away smoke and continuing to puff on the marijuana cigarette. The scene was caught on video using the mother’s cell phone – shot by the mother, a Hamilton County indictment Wednesday charges. See video below!!Jessica Gamble, 21, of Springfield Township, was indicted on three felonies – corrupting another with drugs, child endangering and tampering with evidence – that carry a maximum prison sentence of 11½ years. “It’s beyond disgusting,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said of the video. “I would get very upset if I found out my 16-year-old daughter was drinking a beer.” Gamble is accused of making or encouraging her daughter to smoke the joint.” – Ohio News


  1. that makes me sick! some people dont need to b parents. N children are a blessing n some parents use their kids like a toy. Dats y i would like to know y does God allow these kids to b born into this world with these so call mothers and fathers who dont care nothing about these kids nor their own lives?


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