@4everBrandy & @RayJ New Show “A Family Business” + Brandy Live In The Bathroom


It seems like for the last 3 years Brandy’s voice has gotten better and better. At first, her voice was like Ashanti’s, all off key… But that damn show is not the case now and afte meeting her I must say she is one of the sweetest and good hearted people you will ever meet. So let me be the first to say, the girl got talent. Check out Video of her singing “At last.

What yall think?


In other  News, Brandy and Ray J’s new show “A Family Business” will follow them and their parents Sonja and Willie as they run their family business “Rn’B Productions”. While the company has been run by Sonja, Brandy and Ray J must now take on more responsibility as she has decided to step down. I hope they don’t hold anything back, I hate when people try to hide whats really going on. The show comes on VH1 April 11..


Make you yall Check out her web site www.4everbrandy.com


  1. um brandy u betta sang bish can’t wait for the show to air i think i’m addicted to “reality” tv :-$ cute promo pic


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