50 Cent & Ja Rule Go HAM On Each Other Via Twitter



Well what do you know! Grown over grown rappers stirring up beef yet again. Yes! 50 Cent and Ja Rule are back at it. Really?

a Rule apparently failed to file a tax return between the years of 2004 and 2008. He now owes a staggering $1.1 million dollars to the government. With his previous sentence in mind, he could face up to 5 years in jail.

This headlining news was a perfect entrance for 50 Cent to initiate jabs at Ja Rule’s expense.

Review the petty arguing between the two (SMH):

50 Cent:

“Lol RT @YouCantBSerious: JaRule pleads guilty to tax evasion aww this is the biggest headline for Ja since @50cent destroyed his career.”

“Don’t nobody care about you fool. Go sit yo ass down hahaha.”

“These fools never play chess. I remind people how stupid they are before every project and they just bite the bait. LMAO”

Ja Rule:

“I wouldn’t expect anything different from a ho ass ni**a like @50cent”

“This Curtis fellow is a real clown clothing line dead sneakers dead album sales been dead and y’all let him talk like he’s poppin”

@50cent “Don’t worry about my tax issue there gonna pay that 1.1 mil… most of u ni**as can’t pay your phone bill lmao #WINNING STILL”

“He got 3 mil followers and his last album barely went gold gtfoh @50cent”

“This ni**a @50cent talking can Sombody tell this clown he aint HOT no more lol…”

“This ni**a @50Cent mad at me cause I didn’t sign his hat back in the days lol…”

“This ni**a @50Cent street name was boo boo I call b**ches boo boo!!! lol”

“I’m gonna just bomb on this ni***ga @50cent and dare his b**ch ass to tweet back get your popcorn lmao…”

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has tweeted about Ja’s unfortunate series of events; last year when it became public that Ja Rule would be facing jail time, 50 tweeted:

“You word to my mother if anybody knock jah out and f**k him in jail its gonna be on. Lol”

Ja Rule responded:

“@50cent ni**a u PU**Y shut up before I smack u in yo mouth again!! The nerve of some ni**as!!!”

Everybody please pay this beef no attention its a shame they are always bickering about petty ISH that has nothing to do with one another.


  1. This mess really needs to end, and 50 CENT should be spending more time building his businesses rather than making negative comments about JA RULE.

    We as BLACK PEOPLE need to learn to keep the negativity to ourselves.

  2. Im still praying that one day not just us as black people, but as a whole we all can just get along and up lift one another. #stayingprayerful

  3. 50cent…how old are you? Why are you so concerned about another man’s pockets? Don’t you have any more white women to chase then get rejected by? Ugh.


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