Terrell Owens May Go To Jail Over Child Support


Looks like Terrell Owens may be headed to the slammer over failure to pay child support. TO’s baby mama Melanie Paige Smith has filed a petition with a judge to throw him in jail for not paying a $5,000 a month stipend. Owens has not paid for the months of August or September and didn’t pay the full child support payment for June and July. Terrell blames the NFL lockout, saying he’s only able to pay half of the monthly stipend. The judge could decide to jail TO and force him to pay all back child support and lawyers’ fees, but we’ll have to await that decision to come down.

Terrell Owens is the star of the T.O. Show on VH1

He says he doesn’t have it, do you believe him? Should he be allowed to pay less in child support?

Spotted @Atlanta Constitution-Journal



  1. The lockout is leaving him financially uncomfortable but he should look at his child support like a mortgage or car payment. If you don’t pay your mortgage you risk foreclosure. If you don’t pay your child support you risk your freedom. He knows the consequences for his actions. Now maybe if he went before a judge earlier instead of being judge and jury, that would of been more understandable. It doesn’t cost 5,000 a month to take care of a little child, however this amount was already settled.


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