A Dead NFL Player, 2 Wives, & a NFL Pension… Who gets it?



The subject line sounds like a movie huh? Spotted at AOL Black Voices, Tom Sullivan use to be a NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles where he played for 6 years. In 2002, he died in a car accident. The six years Sullivan had with the NFL was just enough to be a part of the NFL pension plan which was being sent to his wife Barbara Sullivan. But Barbara has now found out, she wasn’t the only wife.

Apparently Tom never got a divorce from his second wife Lavona Hill when they separated in 1983 which made his marriage to Barbara void under SC bigamy laws. So the judge has now ordered that pension payments of $2,700/month be sent to Lavona AND Barbara could be sued for back pay in pension in the amount of up to $193,000.

Unfortunately, Barbara knew nothing of Tom’s other marriage and is now in the middle of the mess. Most of the pension money Barbara has received has been earmarked to Barbara and Sullivan’s college fund.

So my question to you ladies, if you were Lavona would you go after Barabara for the previous paid pension? Blast off…


  1. No, and I hope she doesnt. what’s done is done and being that they havent been together since the 90’s I dont think she is intitled to anything…

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  3. No she shouldn’t go after the back pensiono. It is not Barbara’s fault and Barbara did not know of her husbands seperation back in the 80s.

  4. if Lavona even sued Barbara she will burn in hell because she damn knew him and herself were seperated back in 1983. people are so greedy though so i’m sure she’ll probably sued barbara but you know what revenge is sweet.

  5. Naw, especially if yall ain’t been together since 1983. Heck I would actually split the monthly payments with her. Share the wealth.


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