Alicia Keys FINALLY defends Her Homewrecking Ways

Alicia Keys has finally come out and defended her marriage to music producer Swizz Beats! Personally I have recieved countless e-mails from women asking me to do either one of two things: 1. Stop talking about her and trash her and throw her under the bus or 2. Defend her its not her fault. Frankly I didnt really care but it’s my job to care so I took Alicia and Swizz side of course them my people! Back to the subject at hand in the new issue of Essence Magazine which is on news stands now, Alicia come right out and says why she’s taken the stance that she has and more details into their personal life. Alicia says in the interview:

“We didn’t start seeing each other until months after they had separated,’ she said. ‘I was aware of all the false things that were being said about me it definitely hurt.”

“I was sure that if I engaged it would become back-and-forth like some sick entertainment, which goes against everything I believe and would have made things worse.

Things are really good now,’ said Alicia who also revealed that her love with Dean is ‘intoxicating and whole’.

Kasseem is very present in his children’s lives. I wouldn’t be able to love him otherwise. We are doing what is best for the children,’ she added.”


Meanwhile, Swizz also conceived another child with a British singer Jahna Sebastian while married to Mashonda, which he wholly admits.

So Mashonda what did you say about this Jahna girl….?

On why she didn’t speak on this matter until now, Ms. Keys always recalls some advice Oprah Winfrey told her for many years: ‘She whispered in my ear and said “Keep some of you for you.”

Alicia and Swizz are now extremely happy with their baby boy Egypt and Swizz’s other 3 children. So tell me what you think! Do you think Alicia was innocent?

36 responses to “Alicia Keys FINALLY defends Her Homewrecking Ways”

  1. Jenn says:

    Clearly she was aware that he was married. NO EXCUSE!!! She is a homewrecker. How many articles were going out around the world about how Mashonda asked her to back off so she could try to fix her marriage. I just can not respect her. I would never buy any of her music and when she comes on the radio I just change the station. Definitely will not be picking up the Essence mag with her on it. HEAR IT ALL BEFORE!!!

  2. Dilla says:

    i have to say…. Alicia definitely knew what she was doing. With that said, it’s so hard to have empathy for a homewrecker. I absolutely adored this woman, her music and her humanitarianism, but I tell ya, the hurt in Mashonda’s heart really touched me because she didn’t deserve it. To add insult to injury, you’ve got blogs all over siding with Alicia and telling Mashonda (the wronged one) to stfu and get over it! Of course time will help Mashonda heal, but damn, they act like she should have gotten over it the next damn day. Alicia girl… EPIC FAIL honey.

  3. Truth Hurts says:

    Sure Alicia Keys “may” have crossed the line from being the PERFECT SWEET ANGEL, but how many people would turn down somebody they really, really like and if he was pursuing her just as bad?? NO ONE. It happens.

    Seriously, the bottom line is Mashonda was in denial and knew her relationship been it’s final chapter since Swiss cheated on Mashonda with that British singer Jahna Sebastian and had another CHILD! Why would Mashonda tell Alicia Keys to back off when Swiss regularly calls and accepts Alicia’s phone calls, and goes out to visit her, Any man serious about relationship MAKES TIME to build, and maintain a relationship, faithfully.

    How many women should you have to tell to “back off” your man before it’s becomes it’s obvious what the real problem is (him). You should never have to persuade someone to “stay” with you.
    After watching hip-hop wives it appears Mashonda (is a really great person) but is still very hurt by her high school sweetheart and had plans to live together forever, which makes the story really sad, but I think it’s more healthy for her and the kids to move on and just enjoy the monthly checks.

    To Swiss and other Men who have decided to make kids and not raise them, where does this stop; Money, does NOT replace being a father, and its time to end this cycle of broken homes, and infidelity in the black community. What ever happened to the words “I DO” and working things out for better or worst? If your not happy, don’t marry her, and for god sakes STOP having children if you are not married.

    To women if he wasn’t shit then, don’t expect him to change when ya’ll get married, and don’t marry him, move ON… And if you think getting pregnant is going to “keep him” then, you too ain’t shit, because now you’ve involve a innocent baby who too has to deal with nonsense. I’m seriously tired of seeing and hearing single mothers complain like this dude had a full-time career job, 401k, health benefits, properly educated, faithful, and would possibly enjoy spending his life with only you and raising a family with you.. If he does match these qualities or have similar qualities with the aforementioned potential –> then why have a child, or develop a relationship with him??

    As a 25 yr old, educated (master’s degree), black male with a career job, 401k, health benefits, and been in a good relationship for 3 years with no children, I say we have to do better.

  4. Lady T says:

    No excuse Alicia…I am a married woman & I find it really disrespectful. You should not have messed with him until he was completely out of his marriage. THat was a union, a home, a family….& you may not have started it but you definately entertained it & now married the chick husband. THAT IS DIRTY…just remember what goes around comes around…I hope that it doesn’t have happen to you but if it does I hope you are as understanding to the new woman as you are now.

  5. michelle b says:

    whateva; she wrote the song her self “KARMA” AND “KARMA” doesn’t care how much money you got***swiz is a piece of #@#@#@

  6. Hate says:

    I never knew Black women to live in a perfect world. People who are separated date all the time before an official divorce. That is real life. Sorry! I see through Mashonda. She is so evil, vial and mean spirited person. God knows her very well.

    Karma bit Mashonda in the butt. She is very much like Emily. She had the perfect marriage in her head. Mashonda is very much like many black females bitter and nasty and jugdemental and prejudice.

  7. sexy79 says:

    That bunny mouthed chick knew what she was doing , she is dead crazy if she thinks he wont be doing her the same way ! He seems to get trired really quick and he wil be ready to move on to the next chick as soon as the next best thing comes along or creep until she finds out and divorces his long nose behind!

  8. ExudeExcellece says:

    When blogs first reported them being together, I was like maybe they are working together. Regardless of them being separated or not Alicia knew better. I am completely disgusted and appalled by her behavior. This woman pleaded with you to back off. Why be with a man who constantly stepped out of his marriage and impregnated women and left them? mashonda is better off without him. keys needs to read the lyrics to her song Karma….

  9. jennifer says:

    Where do I begin? He crossed the line several, she should examine his character, his family background, this man/animal is not “Saved”, he’s a heartless opportunist, it’s to bad that she can’t see this, however like they always say “Everything is all good in the beginning, just wait until time goes by his “Mask” will come off and the “Spirit Of Lust” will rear it’s ugly head again, apparently he’s infested with the “Spirit Of Lust” and we all know this is a uncontrollable beast, remember history does repeat itself, and who can Oprah give advise to??? She has a questionable allegedly love relationship linked to Gail and Oprah is not saved either, they all need Jesus.

  10. jennifer says:

    He crossed the line several times.

  11. Takisha says:

    @hate! Bitch if thats the case you need to check your bifocals because they are very foggy. And you need to reveal your real name so your friends will know not to come and confide in you when their relationship goes sour. And as far and being separated and dating, them sorry mother foes should not have married in the first place to make such a selfish decision.

  12. Takisha says:

    @Jennifer! That is a damn good question, what woman in they right mind gonna take advice from Oprah. This chick have never, NEVER been married a day in her life. I don’t know why people think just because this chick has money she has all the answers. This chick doesnt even believe in GOD. F her to the highest degree. She had her male servant who was supposed to be her man living in the Damn pool house. Get the F- out of here.

  13. Kay says:

    Dam, you all sound like this happen to you…pray for them all and keep it pushing. We won’t be judged for there short comings. For all those that get all heated about them, they have moved on and living it up! Why don’t you all do the same. This world is coming to a quick end and I won’t be spending the time I have left judging other folks mess! Just keep your houses in order and pray the God takes it easy on us all!!!!!!

  14. RHONDAGAL says:

    To All Parties Involve,

    Remember how you got him is the same way you will lose him . Don’t cry or cry foul, always know that you challenge someone elses heart and Karma is Karma. Enjoy while you can, hopefully he can keep his stick too himself before he wander into the valley of false love again.

  15. Cee says:

    Wendy Williams reported this long ago that they were having an affair, when she was still doing radio I believe and I thought she was just being messy come to find out it was true.

    I just hope Mashonda can move on from it all, that’s got to be something standing by someone even after cheating and then not even wrapping it up and he repays her by leaving her and marrying someone else. I’m sure she’s not perfect but it’s jacked.

    @ Kay God speaks on two kinds of judgment a right way to judge and a wrong way to judge, why does everyone like to focus on negative judgment but never speak on how God says to expose evil? And often times he’s the one who pulls back the curtains on it, what’s done in the dark comes to the light.

  16. Sarah says:

    She’s not innocent BUT she didn’t break up that family. Alicia is a good person, period and her story ACTUALLY makes sense. There are NO reports before 2008 with Alicia even in it and they amicably separated in April 2008. There are actually documents online. I say read the full interview. Anyway, love Alicia and everything about her.

  17. mirch74 says:

    TRUTH HURTS hit the nail on the head, brought it home. That is all……

  18. LOVEALICIA says:

    U guys are all losers. Probably fat ugly women at home who men would say dueces n 2point 2 seconds over alicia! WHO cares if u buy or dont buy alicia keys cd. She is a talented artist w/ a beautiful personality. She a women mashande or how ever u spell that trick name could never be. Bottom line point black period alicia has represented herself 2 the fullest. NO ONE KNOWS THE REAL STORY. media is media. ND if ur over 15 and u read nd believe then ur just a idiot. in my opinion mashondike is trynna make this a big deal so sum people will remember her name.

  19. Jo says:

    I think that as women we should love ourselves enough to know when to let go .If someone don’t want to be with you and you know it, You can’t label the next chick as a home wrecker your home was wrecked when you decided that you was still in this man’s life and he had clearly moved on. I am not trying to take up for Keys but I don’t think that she owes an explanation, Swiss does, and it is obvious that he didn’t respect His wife enough to even care, We must start to love ourselves more than we love our man, Because If I love ME enough I would refuse to be disrespected even by my high school sweetheart.

  20. 4th party says:

    Lets not forget that this *image* we have of Alicia K is just that.An image. We dont know the real her,which is why many,if not most,of us were shocked that she would marry a man of this character. Think about it-once these things came to light even if you liked him,you would definitely back off a bit.Let the pen come out and let the ink dry on the divorce papers. That was a mess to step into and I dont know how she could ignore those things he did…well, I DO know,lol. Where men are concerned,you definitely have to make sure their actions match their words,and not just for a little while either. Who knows what their future holds but its horrible the way that was handled on both their parts.

  21. Aleasha says:

    Honestly, I see no harm in what Alicia did. When they started dating he was separated from her, so he did not separate from his wife because of Alicia. It just so happens that in his time of separation he fell in love. Was that his plan no. If he really wanted Mashonda he would have taken the time during the separation to figure out what he wanted and if he really wanted to be with her, there he would be. Yes, Alicia did know he was still married, maybe he was in a difficult space and she was a person he could lean on to figure things out and a chemistry sparked. And yes maybe he was in a confusing state because he loved Mashonda and now he was growing feelings for Alicia. You see in all balls down to Swizz not Alicia. Yes he had a baby with another woman during his time with Mashonda so lets just say Swizz probably didnt give much thought into who he was at the time when he was with Mashonda and married her before thinking. Thats not to say he don’t love her but it wasnt the time. Being with Alicia maybe is the time and Mashonda is bittered. Any woman would be. She loved Swizz and put up alot with him and had a child with him. She believed in the sacred vow of marriage. So its only right to fight for what you know. Whose to say Alicia didn’t tell Swizz figure out where you want to be and then do what you have to do. Someone was gonna get hurt but he made is choice. Back off Alicia!!!

  22. Apollo182005 says:

    I am so over black women blaming the other woman. You would think years after the Emanicpation Proclamation we as Black Americans would think and analyze things better, but mentally, our mindset is still in chains. As a man I can not sit here and say that just because two people live together, are married and are “playing” house means everyone is happy. In order for me to see Alicia Keys as a homewreaker, she had to have interrupted a happy home. Swiss was already disattached from Mashonda emotionally, which is why he had the other baby with the other women prior to A-keys. I do not know what Mashanda was trying to save but it was too late that man was already gone. Its one thing to have an affair and leave your wife just to “shack-up” its another to leave your wife and remarry. That speaks in volumes.

  23. Lynn says:

    It doesn’t matter about how many people turn down someone they really like that’s ignorant. The man was still married AND his wife asked her to back off so they could figure it all out if they could fix their marriage or let it go without a 3rd party interfering and Alicia refused, so YES she is a homewrecker and God will judge her for it AND who wants a man who cheats on his wife and fathers another child, then leaves her for you. If they do it with you, they’ll do it to you! If she wanted him the RIGHT way, she should have left him alone for him and his WIFE to figure their marriage out and THEN if they got divorced,she could have pursued him.
    God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, he does not change and does not condone their ways of looking at it as if it was ok. They were still married and his WIFE tried to save their marriage. If he hadn’t had someone else to run to, maybe he would have tried to save his marriage, but Alicia gave him an out.

  24. Dana says:

    People want to think Alicia isn’t wrong because of Swizz choosing to leave his wife, but she is because there’s a difference between a man leaving his wife and you being the reason. So what they were separated, it’s not divorced. Mashonda tried to work it out, but Swizz’s reason during the separation for not trying was Alicia so yes, she is party to the final breakup of their marriage. He can’t focus on two women so if he was going to do wrong, let it be with somebody else. I would never want to date a man who is still married even if he is separated because they could get back together if nobody else interferes. If he didn’t care enough to work on his marriage (running) then what do you think he will do once Alicia and him hit hard times (all marriages do at some point), he’s shown he will cheat and have another kid outside his marriage and separate and go on with someone else refusing to try to work it out cause he’s immature about marriage. You don’t just walk cause times get hard….til death do us part, not til things get rough then bounce!
    Even worse, Mashonda forgave him for having a child outside their marriage and still tried to work it out, he didn’t care then and even less when he saw Alicia……DOG!!!!!!

  25. Stacey says:

    You say you’re over women blaming the other woman, you’re making excuses for Alicia. Even is Swizz was going to cheat and leave, Alicia didn’t have to be the reason. You’re saying he was going to do it anyway so……so God will judge BOTH of them! It’s adultery. Til the divorce papers are signed…it’s adultery & if Alicia had not been involved maybe he would have tried to work it out. Even if he didn’t, Alicia wouldn’t carry the blame. Let them have gotten divorced first (their decision without her intereference) then go after him so she’d be blameless.

  26. Loni says:

    Can someone please tell me WHY this is all Alicia’s fault. Kasseem fathered a child with someone while he was married and apparently before he started seeing Alicia. So why is she the homewrecker and why didn’t Mashonda plead with the British singer (sorry don’t know her name) to back off? Is it because no one in the states really know her and blaming Alicia would get more attention? I’m married also and the other woman would not be solely responsible for my husbands actions. Women we really need to place the blame where it belongs.

  27. bizzyy says:

    Alicia and this guy have been rumored to have been dating way back in 2004 which was published online and on radio. I have heard this quite a few times. There are truths to every rumor. The issue at hand is that no one should date someone who is married. When the marriage is over ( thats if a divorce actually takes place with no outside person involved) than you start dating them. I think Alicia could have done way better than him. She experienced her first marriage and first kid with someone who has already been married before and had 3 other kids by 3 different women…what a damn mess!!

  28. BE says:

    OMG all these negative comments about Alicia Keys. Grow. Up. Swizz & Mashonda were married, yes, but obviously this union was weak. They were high school sweet hearts and they grew apart. He knew this and became detatched from their marriage. Mashonda was still trying to hold on to a high school dream but it was obvious time for her to wake-up. Alicia couldn’t wreck anything if it was stable. Get real. Sure this isn’t the most conventional way people expect relationships to form, but times have changed and so have the expectations of relationships. It’s not you who it happened to. Look at the situation based on the information presented and not with your close-minded views. Not everyone in the world thinks the same as you. Why the hell are you mad and calling people out their name?? It’s not that serious, that these people lives don’t affect yours in any way

  29. COMMON CENTS says:

    Alicia Key’s is a homewrecker.. she was waiting for Mashonda to leave the situation before she started PHYSICALLY pursuing Swizz. But she was traveling with him, buying him shit, and catering to him, long before they took it to the next level. How do you think they got together? When she married him and had his baby that was the icing on the cake. But God knows how long it was going on before it was even publicized as even a rumor. And it’s not Alicia key’s “Fault”. She’s just stupid because now she has to watch all the moves he did to win her over.. and see if he will do it to any other female. She’s going to be stressed for the rest of her life. She’s dumb. Mashonda is blessed and will be blessed for fighting for what she believed in.. but she has learned lessons, Alicia keys won’t even be able to write about in her songs.

  30. justthink says:

    People kill me, first off we don’t know these people on a personal level. Lets try to put this into prospective now. He filed divorce/seperation paperwork in April 2008, now that would mean there was some issues going on what they were we will never know. Now if there is truth to Mashonda claims that she asked Alicia to allow her the space to work out the issues in her marriage that would of transpired some time in 2008 which could make it possible that Alicia is tell the truth that they didn’t start there relationship until after the birth of his daughter (March/May 2008). Swizz has been known to claim that he hasn’t felt connected to Mashonda in a while. Now the issue here isn’t wether or not they were dating during the course of the marriage, because it is clear she was pregnant prior to to the finalize of the divorce. It is neither here nor there people will always disagree with the topic of dating while seperated/divorcing ect. The problem really comes in at is calling or refering to this woman as a “Homewrecker” that is my issue. Let us all be real on here now, Mashonda caims they were happy celebrating the birth of there son and she found out about Alicia two days before her son turned one. that would mean that they were dating in 2007 since her son was born in Dec. 2006. I’m trying to give everyone the benefit of the doubt here but questions keep coming up in my brain. Mashonda claims that she found out about the daughter at the same time as Swizz and it was a year after she was born and they were already going through the divorce. This would mean if I am correct that he found out in 2009 because she filed divorce papers in 2009, which was the action that terminated the marriage. Now if that was the case why the hell was she putting a letter to Alicia on twitter blaming her for the failure of her marriage, when at this point, which she admitted in her interviews that there was other affairs, his first son was born outside of the relationship (prior to marriage) but still outside the relationship, now he got a daughter popping up in another country. This brings me to the ultimate question what the hell was you fighting for? This man clearly didn’t want to be in this marriage or honor it at least. Wait she even said in an interview that she fought until she realized he just didn’t want to be there, he wanted out of the marriage. Now after all of this mess she starts taking interview after interview and not once did she say, he had an affair with Paula, Tina, Julie and Evette no she said Alicia keys broke her marriage up. The bottom line is it was just easier for her to place the blame on someone the public could put a face to because hell we had to google the daughters mother. Oh and on that subject, it is mighty funny that story started blowing up right around the time him and alicia started being seen out in public. Oh and she is the one that confirmed that he had a daughter over in London, he never took an interview and denied the child but Mashonda is the one in her umteen interviews said she wanted all of the kids to have a relationship, she wants her son to know his sister over in London. I took that as her being messy. I was a bigger platform for her to blame Alicia for her failed marriage than it was to blame herself for dealing with this man for so many years and accepting his multiple infidelities as long as he came home at night. The point is this marriage had seperation/divorce paperwork filed earlier in the year and clearly Swizz wanted out of the marriage, and gave Alicia the impression the marriage was over because the paperwork filed. Now Mashonda says she has moved on past this and it isn’t part of her future, so we as the general public should do the same.

  31. Thetruth says:

    Bravo! Just think! You are the only one who read all the interviews Mashond did and realize her stories doesn’t add up. Clearly, there marring was over long before Swizz and Alicia started dating. Mashond never took the responsibility of staying in an unhealthy and unloving marriage. She used Alicia as a face of all the many infidelities in their marriage. She also used Alicia to unleash her anger for many wasted years in a relationship that should have never resulted in a marriage.

    Unfortunately, we as women always place the blame on the woman that the ex not only falls in love with but marries. I believe Alicia, she did not break up a marriage; it was already dismantled.

  32. KnowledgeisKey says:

    This is @Apollo18 whatever, before you start to ramble about how Black are “we” as black need to free our minds since the Emancipation proclamation, know what your talking about before you speak. The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free slaves, the 13th Ammendment did, all the Proclamation did was free slaves that were under confederate govt. So babes please read a little more in your history and don’t stop at what sounds good. Now restate your claim

  33. Anonymous says:

    Alicia had her choice of men. Why in the world did she have to go after some other woman’s???? She has preached words about how we should all love one another. How is she practicing what she preaches when she gets tangled up with a sister’s man????? She’s a huge disappointment. End of story.

    I loved some of her songs. Her music really hit home, but I have to be honest. As soon as I learned about her messing around with someone else’s man I stopped listening. I change the station every single time one of her songs come on. I also sold the cds of hers that I had….and I won’t be buying any of her new ones when they come out. She has completely lost the mountain of respect I once had for her.

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