American Idol: Diddy Tells J Lo He’s Coming Home + Ashley Rodriguez Is Sent Home!


Last night on American Idol, The one and only black girl on the show was thrown the dueces. It was a heartfelt moment that had JLo in tears (again). Well I guess that’ll be the last show I’ll be watching..LOL


On another note, was it me or was everyone feeling the love that P Diddy was sending out as he was singing his hit single “Coming Home”. He was looking directly at his old time boo J Lo. Man! I just want them to get back together, I know it’s not my relationship but damn! The world will be a better place if they just did the darn thing and went somewhere and got hitched.

Who is with me?

Please leave a message letting me know if you are:

Team Diddy/JLo? or Team JLo/ Mark?

Check Out Diddy’s Performance for yourself!

10 responses to “American Idol: Diddy Tells J Lo He’s Coming Home + Ashley Rodriguez Is Sent Home!”

  1. michael says:

    you do know that j.lo is married, right? so, they kinda CAN’T go get hitched.

  2. KB says:

    Team JLo and Diddy…I thought they made a “Fabulous Couple”…Sadly, he let this one get away!

  3. stephanie says:

    ehh mark & jlo for this one , if you ever saw them together they have amazing chemistry .
    diddy’s loss not hers 🙂

  4. Brooke says:

    Just a couple of notes to help (not hate) 🙂 There is no contestant named “Ashley Rodriguez”…there is a Karen Rodriguez and an Ashton Jones…Ashton is who was eliminated. Just wanted to make sure your readers got the facts. Good luck with all of your future endeavors and stay blessed!

    BTW…I’m team Mark/JLo. They’re married and she seems to be happy…Diddy was too much drama for her!

  5. Frost says:

    Yeah, I was like who’s Ashley Rodriquez? Freddy O obviously isn’t that big of a fan of the show lol

    And I thought Diddy and J.Lo made a great couple as well, but Diddy is too much of a slore while J.Lo actually WANTS to be married and settled down. But Diddy found a nice replacement in Cassie anyway…

  6. gaelle says:

    I wanted to see Jlo and Diddy to have a kid together cause I think Black and latinos make the cutest baby ever…LOL. BTW, I like JLo with Marc Anthony they seem happy and are cute together.

  7. Shanna says:

    I am totally team Diddy/J.Lo she was the biz when they were together. Yeah she’s a BIG Latin star now but she was better with Diddy she lost all her FIYA with Skeletor. J.Lo and Diddy were the original Bonnie and Clyde. If they had stayed together they would top Jay and Bey. I think J.Lo’s heart is still with Diddy. Kim Porter who???? But J.Lo reduced her booty cuz Skeletor couldn’t handle it she messed her self up.

  8. EG says:

    I don’t understand this whole “jlo and diddy” make a good couple concept. Why? Because they look good together? Because they are both big superstars? Because they are both NYers?

    It is true, jlo and diddys PAST relationship had its great moments, but it was also ugly and bad and drama filled. Ppl seem to forget about that. Seeing the kind of woman jlo has become and the kind of life she has with marc, i would say this is a much better more successful and stable relationship.

    I find it funny how ppl and caertain so called “fans” want to see them back together as if both individuals (jlo & diddy) didn’t already both have seperate lives and marriages of their own, including CHILDREN with their current spouses smh.

    Diddy seems to be stuck on jlo and can’t get over her. Doesn’t mean SHE wants to be with him/ hasn’t moved on herself. If diddy can’t get over her, that’s not her problem. He shoulda appreciated what he had when he had it!

  9. Ariel says:

    Jlo and Diddy have chemestry
    and nobody can’t denied it not only they look
    great together their past relationship
    love was the factor,

    wish jlo and diddy the best..
    is my opinion Diddy and Jlo are
    a great couple.

  10. Ariel says:

    jLO and Diddy made a fabulous couple ..

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