American Idol Turned American Gangsta??? Ruben Studdard feat. Rick Ross “Don’t Make Em Like U No More”


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The fat boys are back!  Ruben Studdard is trying to make a come back.  Only this time I think he might be taking a shot at the title “RNB THUG.”  He’s gone from American Idol to Gospel and now the Rick Ross feature.  What is this the Best Of Both Worlds part 2?  Anyway, check out his new song “Don’t Make Em Like U No More” and let me know what you think.  Is it a hit?

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“Don’t Make Em Like U No More”



  1. The Mainstream done took over rap, twas BOUND to happen; ‘YT’ done kiilled Rap – he’s standing over the victim, bloody-knife in-hand! Eminem can sell records/ (Corrections Officer) Rick Ross can sell records – RAP IS DEAD!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  2. Rapper SHAWTY LO baby momma/Girlfriend (E’creia) is low key swinging with his assistant.

    She is also secretly dating an NFL baller that Shawty lo doesnt know about.

    So while Mr. Dun Dun it all is away his baby momma likes to be Ms. Suck Suck them all!

    The story behind this has been going on for an EXTREMELY long time.They have been trying to keep this on the down-lo but their cover has finally been blown. They have been known for going around in local late night spots in some of the more hood areas of Atlanta getting drunk, popping pills ,and participating in threesomes and orgies. RUMOR has that both E’creia and Shawty Lo’s assistant where recently spotted in the back of the infamous late night after hour spot ” TAP OUT” making out to some freaky rap song.

  3. I’m not from the Atl, but isn’t “Shorty Lo” that dude who had that “beef” with TI, or something like that?
    Freddy, with this rumor, RIGHT IN YOUR BACKYARD, you should be busy, right-bout-now!
    MY LORD! …These Atl women just CAN’T seem to keep their legs-closed!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!


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