Aretha Franklin Falls & Break 2 Ribs



Aretha Franklin has been forced to cancel two concerts after breaking her ribs in a fall on Sunday. The Respect hitmaker was due to take to the stage for two free gigs in Brooklyn next Monday and Thursday, but the shows have been axed following a freak accident over the weekend. The entertainer fell and broke several ribs which has caused abdominal pain and leaving her much needed rest.
She’s been ordered to rest and will miss the two scheduled shows, but Franklin is hoping to reschedule them for late August.

In a statement she says, “(I am) very much looking forward to being in Brooklyn and having a foot-long hot dog at Coney Island.”


  1. I love you momma retha, but you need to lay off of those hotdogs. I am sure the excess weight played a part in your fall.

  2. Oh for goodness sake ARETHA LOOSE SOME WEIGHT…………….You look like a whale with clothes You singing career is going to pot. Girl you are in your sixties, Get a grip and loose the weight. What is your excuse, You’re rich, and intelligent. You need to loose 200 pounds. I do not feel sorry for you.

  3. Aretha……Areatha……Areatha, now you have a problem with your elbows bent, and I don’t mean with the microphone, it’s with a fork and knife! Girlriend…… you need to slim down, do some exercise by walking or something. That is much too much weight for you to carry. I saw you on Emeril eating singing and sweating up a storm, not good. Too much fat around the heart, bad eating habits bring diabetes and high blood especially with blacks. You need to start treating your body a lot better than you have!

  4. Aretha Franklin is a gifted and talented artist. She may also be considered a legend. Some of the comments do not reflect respect for someone who has earned the respect of her fans and many important icons including a U.S. President. It is not about how one looks (referencing her weight), but how one treats others and how much a person is willing to give back to a community. I believe Aretha Franklin is an artist who has given back and continues to do so. Regarding her eating habits and weight gain, she and she alone has to reach a decision to make changes that will improve her health. Let us love her and respect her for who she is and her achievements and not for what we would like her to look like. I have relatives who were small in size, but it did not stop them from falling as they grew older. My grandmother was a perfect eight and had diabetes most of her life. Cannot always judge. Let’s send some love her way. Thanks for listening.


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