Aretha Franklin Thinks Fantasia Overreacted Boycotting Grammys



Aretha Franklin thinks Fantasia overreacted by boycotting the Grammys when she wasn’t included in a tribute to her.

“I was sorry to hear that Fantasia was upset because she did not get the opportunity to participate in my Grammy Tribute this year,” Franklin says in a statement to USA Today. “I recall that in the past, Fantasia participated in both my MusicCares Person of the Year Tribute and my United Negro College Fund Tribute.”

“Fantasia is still young in the business and although we all love and appreciate her she must understand that in this business of show business she will not always get to participate in everything she would like participate in,” Franklin went on . “I’m sure it was not an intentional omission. I will see Fantasia over the summer here in Detroit.”

Fantasia, who did not pick up her best female vocal performance nod at the show, explained:

“I’m going to be very honest with you. You know I wasn’t at the Grammys last night. I’m kind of going through my own little thing. … Last night they were honoring someone who is my idol, Aretha Franklin, and there is no way I could have sat there and not got the happy feet and wanting to jump on the mic because she is my favorite so I felt like, you know, at the end of the day I should have been on that stage so, I kind of did my own little thing last night.”

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  1. I agree with Miss Franklin. Fantasia cannot have her way with everything. Maybe this omission had something to do with breaking up a marriage. At one time, I felt indifferent about her. Now, I actually dislike her. Grow up Fantasia!

  2. Well she may have over reacted by not going to the awards show, but there was one person on that stage that did not need to be there. She did not bring it!!!!

  3. But you have to look at from fantasia point of veiw.A person u loved cared for and watched life,She have every right to be mad.But life goes on she have done outstanding tributes fo patti labelle .#1 fan fantasia


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