Aretha Franklin Wants Ms. Halle Berry To Play Her In Her Life Movie


(9/21/10) Aretha, the self proclaimed Queen of Soul wrote a press release about who she think should be in her life movie. Here are Aretha’s choices: Aretha Franklin played by Halle Berry; C.L. Franklin, her father played by Denzel Washington; Smokey Robinson played by Terrence Howard. But I know Halle can play her during her younger days. I don’t know about now. Who do you think should play her role now? Some people said Gabrielle Sidibe , Jill Scott, or Jennifer Hudson (I don’t think so). Maybe she needs to play herself like Tina did towards the end. Who do you all think? – Courtney L.


  1. Tina didn’t really play herself matter of fact she didn’t play herself at all…all the credit goes to Angela Basett. I think Jill Scott should play her role now she’s is pretty and look about the same height. but come on now Gabrielle Sidibe?! are you kidding me…ya’ll can argue, agree or disagree but Gabrielle is not pretty i’m sorry to say but she’s not attractivey and it’s not because of her weight or dark skin color i’m saying that, it’s just the plain truth.

  2. Uh…first of all Miss Franklin….Miss Berry can’t act.
    Third…she can’t act.
    I know you’re reaching out to a wider audience in reference to starring Miss Berry however; suffering from a mild case of delusional grandieur…I would suggest another actress such as Jill Scott or a host of other people who can represent you to a maximum capacity.

    with that said…GET OVER YOURSELF.

  3. She would be great for a younger Aretha, but if she is going to play her as an older Aretha, she will have to wear a 400 pound fat suit.

  4. I’m a Detroit girl so I’m not gonna hate on Aretha. But Halle is not a good choice she should get someone like Jill Scott, Jennifer Hudson or even Queen Latifah (I don’t know about the height on that one). She could even get an unknown actress to play her but get well known actors to play the supporting roles.

  5. oh hell naw, im sorry but halle aint it for this one ms. franklin! shit, give some of the chocolate sistas a chance, there are plenty of young black actresses out there/ and or singers that would fit the part! #tryagain

  6. i think someone else should play a young Aretha-maybe Jennifer Hudson-she has lost a lot of weight so she probably could do it! and Aretha can play herself as an older Aretha.


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