B2K’s J-Boog Arrested For Domestic Violence


Former member of the R&B group B2K is facing charges related to a domestic dispute. is reporting that J-Boog, whose real name is Jarell Damonte Houston, was arrested Monday afternoon at his home in Los Angeles for domestic violence. Law enforcement insiders say the 24-year-old singer was apprehended for “corporal punishment on a spouse” in addition to outstanding warrants pertaining to his driving record. Neighbors reportedly heard screaming coming from the house earlier in the day. Police arrived with six or seven squad cars, and left after about an hour. It is not yet known if anyone else was arrested. J-Boog is unmarried, but he’s reportedly still dating the mother of his three children.

J-Boog released a statement to his fans today:

I wanted to reach out to my fans right away to clear up the allegations circulating the web. I did not get charged with any form of domestic violence against the mother of my children. I love and respect all of the women in my life and would never harm any of them. Domestic violence is a very serious matter and one that should be treated that way, however this was not a case of domestic abuse. I was taken into custody due to outstanding traffic violations. I took care of the situation, no charges were filed, and I was released Tuesday evening. Thank you to my fans who stood by me regardless of any circulating rumors. I am looking forward to a great year in 2010 for Fizz & Boog and hope that you will continue to support. Thank you.


  1. hey hunni…. damn u fine!!!!! jus had ta get dat owt…. okay na down ta bizness… sweetie i bleave u!!! wen it cums to celebs there will ALWAYS be rumors!!! ya always gatta clearify a situation n ting…. but ya knw wat…..keep ya head up babe dnt let no1 get u down n liv ya life to da fullest no matta wat….much love ya fine ass!!!!



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