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Berkeley Park covers RAIN by SWV for Music Mondays

Blue (left) Lyric (right) Berkeley Park
Blue (left) Lyric (right) Berkeley Park

Digital Circle Entertainment presents the ‘C’ Room sessions by their new breakout group “Berkeley Park”. The song of the week chosen was a COVER of the single “RAIN” by SWV for Music Mondays. Watch the youtube video after the break.Blue and Lyric comprise the group Berkeley Park. These two millennial artists are a breath of fresh air giving us a break from the new wave of millennial artist striving to be mumble rappers and lacking the old school musical soul and grace these two posses. We would love to see more of Berkeley Park in these ATL streets. Great job ladies! Please support this group and we will definitely be giving you updates.

(Short Bio)

Blue(left) and Lyric (right) are two native Atlanta millennial chicks that not only share music & songwriting; they are dripping in ATLANTA Culture. Both took an interest in music and songwriting as early as elementary school. While most kids were on the playground or in the sand box; Blue was recording her own lyrics in her tumbling gym comprising her first song at age 7 titled “Maybe I Should Go Out & Play.” Meanwhile Lyric was already lacing up her boots for dance class & training her vocals for competitions; learning all the fundamentals at the YEA School of Performing Arts as early as 1st grade.

It’s safe to say what makes the fans immediately fall in love with “Berkeley Park” is their evident common love of (MUSIC). Their ability to harmonize vocals are the truth.

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