Alicia Keys Piano Dances At BET Awards 2010


alicia bet piano 

Forget table dances. Alicia used real talent and did her thang on the piano. The award show seemed to bring back life into some people’s careers. Was this award show an improvement?  Who should get the go back to sleep awards?  What do you all think? BET Award Updates will be coming 

Courtney L.


  1. I thought the show was an improvement. Monica put her thing down as usual. I was glad to see Chris Brown. He is a young man who made a mistake and he deserves to be shown some love. I hope that people are able to let this young man breathe a little and get back out her and do what he does best. I loved his tribute to Michael Jackson and El Debarge was the truth.

  2. that first pic sums up why that performance was so disturbing. i thought it couldn’t get any worse after she wore that purple dress with her cooch in full view.

  3. I swear I was holding my breath when she jumped on the piano, I just knew she would make herself go into early labor.

  4. Alicia did her thing but she scared me on that piano. Monica killed it. Tyrese had the best and most underrated performance of the night…I guess people prefer lip syncing woman beaters to actual vocalists.

  5. Alicia keys e uma cantora espetacular gosto muito dela, sempre que a ouço a cantar arrepio me toda porque ela tem uma vos fantastica. eu nunca a vi em na vida real so a vejo na tv e no “youtube” no computador mas ela e fantastica.
    Agora esta gravida e estou muito feliz porque ela e fantastica e merece tudo de bom e do melhor neste mundo beijos para todas as pessoas que lerem este comentario e para Alicia Keys


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