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Beyonce Dresses As A Honey Bee For Halloween

Being pregnant, has the public seeing Beyonce in all sorts of new ways. Yesterday, the star was seen in New York as honey bee (the name Lady Gaga donned her with). I’d say it was the perfect costume for the soon-to-be mommie. Check out more pics of Bey dressed as a honey bee inside.

The costume was so simple but yet sexy. Bey made the costume her’s with the high heels. I’ve never seen a pregnant lady sport heels the way that Bey does. Pregnant and all, she’s still a diva!

Looks like Bey was happy to be in her costume. My only question is, where was Jay-Z? Did he not get to celebrate Halloween? Then again, this is the first time that I’ve really seen Beyonce get in the Halloween spirit. Maybe it’s the pregnancy that’s allowed her the time to indulge in activities like this.

So what do you think of the Queen Bey’s costume outfit? What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Spotted @TheLavaLizard

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