Beyonce Highest Paid Celebrity Under 30



Beyonce has once again proven that she’s one of the biggest names in all of entertainment. For the second year in a row, the “Single Ladies” singer tops “Forbes'” list of the highest paid celebrities under 30. With more than 90 concerts across the globe and endorsement deals with companies like Nintendo, L’Oreal and her Dereon fashion line, Beyonce pulled in an estimated 87-million dollars between June 1, 2009 and June 1, 2010. Following Beyonce on this year’s list is fellow pop diva Britney Spears who earned 64-million dollars. Lady Gaga is a close third with an estimated 62-million dollars, while teen queen Miley Cyrus added 48-million dollars to her bank account. Pop-country crossover Taylor Swift rounds out the list’s top five with approximately 45-million dollars.
Here is “Forbes'” list of the top 12 highest paid celebrities under 30
1. Beyonce — 87-million dollars
2. Britney Spears — 64-million dollars
3. Lady Gaga — 62-million dollars
4. Miley Cyrus — 48-million dollars
5. Taylor Swift — 45-million dollars
6. LeBron James — 43-million dollars
6. Roger Federer — 43-million dollars
8. Eli Manning — 40-million dollars
9. Terrell Suggs — 38-million dollars
10. Cristiano Ronaldo — 36-million dollars
11. The Jonas Brothers — 35-point-five-million dollars
12. Philip Rivers — 32-million dollars



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