Beyonce Starts Her Own Tattoo Line…


(9/26/2010) Beyoncé and her mother Tina Knowles have decided to add temporary tattoos to the sportswear collection. “We decided to invite Temptu to help us create custom body art for her to model with our fashions,” Tina Knowles, Deréon’s founder, designer and creative director, told WWD. “The resulting images were so strong that we realized consumers might want to re-create the tattoos themselves.” On Nov. 1, Deréon and airbrush makeup firm Temptu will release a limited edition collection of both basic and deluxe temporary tattoos to adorn and toughen up your look. The waterproof tattoos will be offered in Deréon’s signature fleur icon and in chains, spider designs, rocker bolts and jewel baubles-giving you a two to five-day edge. The $16-basic kit has eight tattoos and all the pieces needed to affix the designs on your skin, while the online-only deluxe kit will retail for $34 and includes a signed photo of Beyoncé as well as a chance to win a trip to New York. To pull your biker-chick look together, visit Sephora or


  1. WAIT TIME OUT‼ can’t you get those same temporary tattoos outta the bubble gum machine for like $0.50 only a dummy would buy this shit.

  2. Yeah….I’m gonna speand my hard earned cash on a Beyonce tatoo? Really Bey?? C’mon now. When is enough $$ enough?

  3. well im nt da typee ta tlk neqative about anyoneeeee bt beyonce idislke- lke she dne chanqed alot since she dne been wid jay-z bubblee head a** her musikk bck inn da days was off da charts/ bt idkk what ta say about her musikk na. (*my opinion]

  4. I DISAGREE WITH ALMOST EVERY ONE ON HERE………..i think itz nice thats she doing this imma kid myself and cant get a permanent tat and i deff. wanna try this new temp tat beyonce haves out. idk bout yah bt im gettin mine nov. 1 WALMAAAAAAART!!!!!!!


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