Bishop Eddie Long Nearing A Settlement In The Sexual Misconduct Cases


There are new reports that mediation sessions could be close to an agreement in the sexual misconduct case of Bishop Eddie Long. Four young men have sued Long, his New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and the LongFellows Youth Academy, alleging Long coerced them into having sexual relations.

Last year all parties agreed to mediation. An agreement would avoid a lengthy and costly trial. If an agreement isn’t reached, the case could go to trial this summer. Channel 2 Action News reported Thursday that mediation efforts to reach an agreement may be in the final stages, but none of the parties would confirm.

“We don’t have anything to comment about the status of the cases,”

Art Franklin, a spokesman for Long, said Thursday.

News comes as Long conducted Good Friday services at New Birth, where he spoke on the importance of prayer and emphasized that the Christian message is aimed at sinners, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“There’s always somebody going to be yakking at you … you don’t have to answer to anybody but God,” Long said.

The resurrection “was not for perfect folk … but for the least, those who thought they failed,” Long said.

Concluding, Long said, “This ain’t going to be no bad Friday for me, it’s going to be a Good Friday.”

Hmmmm, Well it looks as if these four boys are going to be getting a hefty settlement. If these allegations weren’t true why is the Bishop settling this matter out if court financially. Just a few questions I know myself and others maybe pondering on. New Birth members get ready to be asked to donate money towards a “Mysterious Building Fund”, These boys have to get paid some way or another. SMH

6 responses to “Bishop Eddie Long Nearing A Settlement In The Sexual Misconduct Cases”

  1. Dill says:

    The commentary on this article is true and priceless! Why settle out of court when you have done no wrong? Secondly, if Eddie Long had stepped down it would have been in good taste but he didn’t, and I believe that it’s because of greed and pride. The church members that support this man are worst than the parents that sent their kids to Michael Jacksons house after hearing rumors of pedophilia circulating around him. Smdh

  2. Alania says:

    He just need to stop his mess!!!

  3. Ava says:

    Preach. Eddie Long is gay. And he’s a pedophile — two separate things, just to be clear. And he is not a man of God. He’s troubled and God is handling it.

  4. Snakes in the Pulpit says:

    Read About Bishop Eddie Long Homo Lifestyles in the Book ” Crooks and Homos in the Pulpit”

  5. kim says:

    Eddie long is Eddie Long, he doesn’t deserve to be call Bishop. More young men will be coming out about the sexual advances from Eddie. When Eddie beat his first wife with closed fist while she was pregnant with their son was an indication that Eddie needed help. I hope everyone knows who Art Franklin is, first of all his name is not Art Franklin. Art Franklin is his name that he uses when he was giving the news for TV 5. Art Franklin is openly GAY. He’s from Michigan and came to Atlanta because Atlanta is home of the GAYS. Hope that ART FRANKLIN (55 years of age) realizes that he is to old for Eddie Long, Eddie like young boys. Each young man should get atleast 10 million each and their attorney should receive 10 million. It should be a law that against preditors that are false profits a background check should be put into place. Eddie should leave New Birth because he is such a joke.

  6. Kevin says:

    From what I’ve learned on this case, it was known that Eddie Long had been having illicit sex with these young men. Reuben Armstrong, author. states in his book such. My problem is why he did not do more then and how and why the staff members who knew did not have the wherewithal to disclose this homophobia. The church members who knew are as much to blame as Eddie Long and the much publicized Reuben Armstrong for not doing enough to defrock this man. The Bible tells us to confront sin and clearly they did not.

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