Black Parents Have White Baby!


white baby

Two proud British Nigerian parents gave birth to a white baby (July 18). Yes, a blond hair, blue eyed child. The stunned black dad of a newborn, white, baby girl declared yesterday — “I’m sure she’s my kid … I just don’t know why she’s BLONDE.”…crickets.

British Nmachi Ihegboro has amazed genetics experts who say the little girl is NOT an albino.

But as the baby’s older brother and sister – both black – crowded round the “little miracle” at their home in South London, Ben declared: “Of course she’s mine.”

Blue-eyed blonde Nmachi, whose name means “Beauty of God” in the Nigerian couple’s homeland, has baffled genetics experts because neither Ben nor wife Angela have ANY mixed-race family history.

white baby 2

Pale genes skipping generations before cropping up again could have explained the baby’s appearance.

Ben also stressed: “My wife is true to me. Even if she hadn’t been, the baby still wouldn’t look like that.

“We both just sat there after the birth staring at her for ages – not saying anything.”


  1. Did they do a DNA test? I’m just saying… If she is theirs then I guess she just reached back for genes. It happens. Victoria Rowell from Y&R is mixed and her husband prior to this one was a white man and her daughter is blond with blue eyes and looks like a white girl version of Victoria. She is 75% white because Victoria is mixed.

    But, I think this child is ilbinal (I am sure I spelled that wrong but you get the drift). I grew up next to a guy that was ilbinal. There hair is odd colors and their eyes too. They need to find a new doctor.

  2. I was looking at the picture this little baby is NOT an Albino, and even if she cheated on her husband (which I don’t think she did), becuase of the color of her skin the baby would look mixed, genes are a very unexpected thing, if they both trace their roots/family history, they both probaby have
    anglo saxon people somewhere in the family tree.

  3. mstrendy your AN IDIOT!!!!!!! just bacause the babies is white does not mean she cheated, just because u do it to ur man is no one else’s prob. sorry girl but its proved it can happen! maybe even to ur ass. im having a mixed baby if it comes out more whith should he thinks its not his.. loser. keep your rude ass jestures to yourself unless u want someone judging u just by ur child. i live with that and can do it you on the otherhand prob. can not. so good luck to the parents to a long road ahead keep faith god bless!!!!


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