Bobby Brown Only Serves 9 Hours For DUI



Bobby Brown is one lucky man! After just turning himself in yesterday, the star has been released after only serving 9 hours for his 3rd DUI. Crazy news because he was supposed to serve 55 days.

Bobby won’t be having much a of a welcome home party thanks to the LA County jail. The jail is said to be overflowing with real criminals so Bobby was granted a bit of luck and let go after serving a basic work day in jail.

However, the singer didn’t get off completely free. He is on four years probabtion. This might be hard for him because this DUI that he was going to jail for was his second in seven months!!! He’s also expected to attend alcohol education classes for 18 months. I really hope they help.

Can you believe he got off with only serving 9 hours?


  1. I really hate it for this guy he has been dealt an ugly hand and doesnt know how to make the best out of it …


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