Bobby V & His Jump Offs Naked Pic’s EXPOSED…WOW



Bobby V has really PISSED someone off. Over the weekend I got an email... I was lost for words after I saw what was in it. Folks are not playing games nowadays when it comes to “getting some get back”. Apparently one of his Ex’s has decided to get the ultimate revenge and wants the world to see all his jump offs and their goods….damn, damn, damn Bobby (in your best Ester Rolle voice)….

The scorn woman sent an email which stated:

Ladies it is time for us to wake up and see these men for who they are. This is one of many emails to come! Remember in life you must make choices; love the one you are with and stop thinking people will never find things out… cause your actions always come to the light.

Love M.C.

That boy Bobby getting it in, but at what PRICE? I could not imagine what I would do if this happened to me. Ladies, tell me if I am wrong, but…There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING like a woman SCORNEDPeople, please watch where you put and leave your phones

Click Here To See All The Other Pictures (and Jump offs)!!!

I bet Bobby is ready to anonymously beat someone’s A$$!!!


  1. Groupie love! How much did they pay you to post these pics? SMH at celebs trying to stay relevant these days.

  2. BE FORREAL! Bobby Leaked these himself, of course he wants publicity, nobody’s checking for him! His music is good, but he’s too corny, c’mon anybody who believe’s a girl sent these instead of Bobby posing as a girl is slow. He took the pics as u can see in the mirror, they were on his phone

  3. @ NDiiBaBii

    Girl I was thinking the SAME thing, its SAD what celebs are doing for attention! An this stunt probably still won’t help his career he would have done better picking a twitter fight with Tila Tequlia or 50 cent! GTFOH Bobby V #FAIL

  4. More than likely the dudes are just going to say, “Go head, pimpin!” and a lot of females are going to say, “Oooh, me next!”

    But reality check: He’s not a pimp, he’s a whore, and that’s not cute. People really need to get some morals.

  5. Bobby needs some extra help to boost his career and this is just one of the ways to do it. Whatever it takes now days. Oh yes one more thing the phone is in his hand facing the mirror along with the whores hiv aids and alot of child support and other std’s needless to say get a life bobby .

  6. Im sure she went snooping through that mans phone, she found then and she sent them to you! lol…. smh People have got to be more careful these days! I would be more pissed if I were the other chicks in the pic.. not if I was Bobby V! lol Too bad! 🙁 Ah well… I dont think this will sdo much for him or his career! So if he did “leak” these photos its a sure FAIL!

  7. In either instance,(not only him but the silly women) trying to hard at its finest…smh. Neither will benefit from this at all.

  8. As you can clearly can see that was staged,I doubt he can bag 1 let alone three females.His groupie game ain’t that tight yet.He probaly just paid the three strippers,took them to the hotel and just took those pics of himself.nice publicity stunt but you should of had them in bed,doing something nastier.

  9. I don’t know but the blonde looks like P.A.W.G and porn star Austin Taylor . She has a lower back tattoo like that one. Check it out may be right. No idea about the others but maybe porn stars too.

  10. Ummmm apperantly Bobby is a fraud cuz he came to Omaha Nebaska. Reppin da 402 by the way bt anyways he came and said that we shouldnt have sex but look at what hes doing.Nd by the way i aint fallin for dis shyt dis nigga put des pics up so he can get his fame back. Like the otha girl said his music is good bt he super corny. Nd dis makes him look even more corny and a fake. But u still sexy lol

  11. if a woman would of done this it would of been of something embarrassing like a pic of the teeny tiny weeny.. lol.. but this was BOBBY bc these pics make him look like the man right, WRONG he just looks pathetic in my eyes..

  12. Everybody knows Bobby has a little dick and %^&$’s like a rabbit! lol He leaked the picks and blurred out his little dick………LOSER

  13. on the cool the nigga can sing and is rich getting bread.. he on everybody shit so what? Quit hatin on a man that does what men do fuck bitches…If I was rich I woulD be fucking hoes too…all yall taLking about AIDS and other dumb shit grow up and get cha paper up…If he wasnt so famous then why yall talking about him?



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