Brandy and Jennifer Hudson Spotted in Atlanta for BET Hip Hop Awards


Brandy was in town gearing up for the filming of The Game. We got a chance to catch up with the lovely songstress as she worked the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards and sing a sultry/soulful rendition of the birthday song at TI’s PeepShow Birthday Party. It was so moving and a real treat.

Jennifer Hudson was also spotted on the red carpet as well. She has the ‘Black Nativity’ coming to theaters near you and we heard that she is heading into the studio. Is there a J-HUD and TIP collaboration in the making? I guess time will tell.

Singing girls are making moves in music, television, and movies. Proud of you girls for making moves and doing your thing.

Check out their pictures below.

DSC_0240 DSC_0239 DSC_0238 DSC_0237 DSC_0235 DSC_0233 DSC_0227 DSC_0184 DSC_0969 DSC_0959 DSC_0958 DSC_0957 DSC_0954 DSC_0953 DSC_0952 DSC_0949 DSC_0948 DSC_0947 DSC_0943 DSC_0942 DSC_0941 DSC_0939 DSC_0938 DSC_0937 DSC_0936 DSC_0931 DSC_0928 DSC_0927 DSC_0926 DSC_0922 DSC_0921 DSC_0919 DSC_0917 DSC_0914 DSC_0912 DSC_0907 DSC_0976 DSC_0975 DSC_0974 DSC_0971 DSC_0970Brandy and Jennifer Hudson were in town for the BET Hip Hop Awards.



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