Actor Brian White Launches New App for Modern Day Hustler


Actor Brian J. White and his business partner launches an app for modern day hustlers! This app couldn’t have come at a better time since a lot of us obtained a side-hustle for extra cash.

Check out the details below!

Actor Brian J. White and his business partner launched a new app called SnapCall. We all had to tap into our “inner-hustler” when the pandemic hit and jobs closed. SnapCall is the world’s first business platform focused solely on the modern-day hustler running their business through text messaging.

“A hustler is someone who in life isn’t afraid to put in the blood, sweat and tears toward the ultimate prize, personal success.” — Brian White

SnapCall helps entrepreneurs with every aspect of their business – scheduling, sending out updates and more. It doesn’t matter the field, the new app will make running your business easier!

Learn more about SnapCall below:

It’s always amazing to see a Black man in tech and this concept will help so many small businesses. Will you be using SnapCall to advance your hustle? Comment your thoughts below!


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