Can You Guess My Daddy?



The homies over at be on it for posting pics of all the Celebs and they kids. Can you guess my daddy?

Cypress,16, is the daughter of former rapper Solé and singer Ginuwine. (Professions look a little backwards…)Together the couple has a “basketball squad”…I meant FIVE kids: Story (29 March 01); Dream(1 November 02); Elgin Jr (1992) (Ginuwine`s son from previous relationship); De`jan (9 March 1991) (Solé`s previous relationship) ; and Cypress (9 January 1994) (Solé`s previous relationship). So in summary if you didn’t catch that, they have two daughters together. He had one child before Sole’, and she had two children before him. Its GREAT to see black love, and black families coming together to raise their other children together. Its also easier to do when you have GWOP like Mr. “In those jeans” and Mrs. “4 5 6” herself. I wonder what ever happened to Sole? You really don’t see longevity with rapping females…I guess once the kids come, you become a full time momdukes…Check out Sole’s throw back hit “4,5,6 in the morning” at the bottom.




  1. I’m confussed they have a daughter that old, hmmmmmmm I thought they met in the late 90s like in 98 or 99. Not sure this is their daughter together

  2. Sole lives in the DC area. She’s a straight up church girl now. I see her in church every time the door is open.


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