Carlysia’s 21st Birthday Party! Hosted By Sammie ,Tiffany Evans, D.Woods, RL & Many More….



(Carlysia, Sammie, Princess)

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Carlysia..LOL


Last night I had the opportunity to celebrate with my homie Carlysia Levert, the daughter of the late great Gerald Levert 21st  Birthday Bash. Carlysia definitely knows how to put on a great party, A plethora of celebrities including “The Girls Club” came to celebrate for the great occasion. “The Girls Club” was and exclusive area in the club specially designed for all the VIP women that were definitely there to party and go hard.


(Kai & Tiffany Evans)

Wow how time has passed, It was like yesterday when I was watching Lil C on MTV’s hit reality show “Sweet Sixteen”. It’s funny how life unfolds, you never know who you will cross paths along the way and develop a genuine friendship with, that’s why my golden rule has always been to treat people with the utmost respect and you can’t go wrong… Carlysia I know if your father was here, he would be so proud of the beautiful young lady you have blossomed into.


(Shaneka Adams)

Again, Happy Birthday 21st Carlysia… You are officially apart of the “grown club” now!..LOL

DSC_0096(Recording Artist Meka Meens, Carlysia, D. Woods)


(RL singing Happy Birthday to the Queen of the night)

Princess formally of crime mob came out o support along with Kieth Sweat’s daughter and Lisa Raye’s Daughter- Kai, RL from the International group “Next”,D. Woods, Sammie and more…

Shout out to Traxx Girls, You ladies definitley know how to throw a party in the ATL! You can check these ladies out every Thursday @ Cream. Shout to Sebastian too… Click Here To See All The Pic’s:


  1. OMGoodness This was One of the BEST Parties I have been to in FOREVER!!! GREAT Job Traxx Girls! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much Avian ( TraxxGirls Publisict) for inviting me! Simply AMAZING!!!!! Much Love Carlysia! I will be at Cream Ultra Lounge Next Thursday for their Pretty Girl Hide Out

  2. I don’t know about TRAXX GIRLS, but most of the CELEBS were tweeting Wynter (CARLYSIA’S publicist) and Thanking her for inviting them 2 the Party, so who really put this event together, or was this a Joint Venture? I’ve been to Creme before this party on a Thursday and it has never looked liked this. So good job to whomever is responsible.


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