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CBS Bans Rihanna From Future NFL Telecasts After She Tweets ‘F-ck You’


Rihanna tweets a message to CBS after they pulled her song, “Run This Town” from the Ravens vs. Steelers pre-game  intro last week in light of the Ray  Rice  controversy. Rihanna is known for sharing her thoughts candidly on social media and CBS is not feeling her strong reaction.

Check out what Rihanna had to say and how CBS responded below.

CBS pulled Rihanna’sRun This Town” Ravens vs. Steelers pre-game intro last week because it didn’t want to feature another celebrity who was involved in a high-profile domestic violence incident, but a rep from CBS has since revealed that it didn’t fit the “more serious” tone of that particular night’s pre-game coverage which focused on Ray Rice’s release and suspension. They also cut a comedy piece that was supposed to air that night. The Rep shared,

It’s important to realize we are not overacting to this story but it is as big a  story as has faced the NFL. We thought journalistically and from a tone  standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage. A lot of the  production elements we wanted in the show are being eliminated because of time  or tone.

Rihanna did not KNOW the reason why they pulled her song and took to Black Twitter to express her thoughts about CBS. She shared,

CBS you pulled my song last week, now you wanna slide it back in this Thursday? NO, F-ck you! Y’all are sad for penalizing me for this.

The audacity….

CBS promptly tweeted the following message shortly after Rihanna’s expressed her thoughts,

Beginning this Thursday, we will be moving in a different direction with some  elements of our Thursday Night Football open. We will be using our newly  created ‘Thursday Night Football’ theme music to open our game  broadcast.

Rihanna’s new version of “Run This Town” was supposed to run supposed to be part of the opening video for the weekly show in much the  same way that a Carrie Underwood performance kicks off NBC’s “Sunday Night  Football.”

But CBS scrapped the opening video last week in light of its news coverage of  the Ray Rice scandal that has engulfed the NFL. Holding off on the video gave  CBS more time for somber discussion of domestic violence and the league’s treatment of it. They did not express this to Rihanna though.

WOW, the NFL is breaking all kinds of hearts this week. What is really going on with the National Football League. CBS give Rihanna another chance!

What do you think?

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