Chinese Zoo Feeds Cow To Tigers As Live Attraction


LOOK, I was lost for words after I saw this story on about a zoo in China  now facing criticism for allowing visitors to participate in an unlikely form of entertainment: They pay to see tigers feed on a live animal. WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??


He witnessed chickens served as appetizers to the tigers (at a cost of $5.50), followed by a live cow (at a cost of $205)–dumped from a truck–and pounced on immediately. China trying to get PAID however in 2010.“It was dragged to the ground within seconds,” he told The Sun. And tourists relished in the attraction–taking photos and watching with binoculars from a bus nearby. People will LITERALLY pay money to see ANYTHING nowadays. Click Here To watch the Video  and see all the pictures…smh.


WOW I can’t believe these people would pay to see this… I dont think PETA would like this at all. China gone have some ‘splainin to do…

18 responses to “Chinese Zoo Feeds Cow To Tigers As Live Attraction”

  1. kandi carter says:

    O.M.GEEE why tha fuc would dey do dat dey r goin 2 hell n the TIGERS too… now im PISSED off

  2. oh plz says:

    kandi carter, for the love of god, shut up. ”tigers too” guess you dont know shyte about animals. its their instinct. humans on the other hand..well let them make a buck! but they couldve at least hit m in the head or sum, poor thing..

  3. Chas B says:

    Thats horrible. I know people eat meat too, but to do this to an animal for entertainmet is just cruel….

  4. MZLADYLUV says:

    I cant believe this shit….why would they think that is tourist attraction…that is plain sick ok Peta where you at on this one…..i can see if they were in the wild , but ppl are paying to see such horrific crimes like this and i blame the Chinese govornment for this one…..this is absolutly sad…and somebody needs to do something about this right now…..if i had a fur coat on Peta will have a Cow….

  5. MZLADYLUV says:

    @ OH PLZ…yes it is a tigers instint to kill, but these ppl are putting them there to be killed something is wrong with that…like i said if they were in the wild and just so happen to see a cow then yes i do understand….but when u take it upon yourself to put a cow there so the tiger can kill it then its a big problem these ppl are mindless and spineless… just dont do that

  6. oh plz says:

    @mizladyluv true, its the whole situation which leads for the wee ol cow to bee there. but in all fairness we get our meat in horrific ways too. even worse..

  7. Jersey Girl says:

    I think we have become a society of people who are too sensitive. The tigers look well fed, which means the Chinese government has been feeding them properly. The whole feeding process probably occurred just like the video. However, the zoo realized that their were people who would pay to witness the feeding. The zoo keepers have to feed the tigers with live animals anyway. Tigers are predators and must hunt their food. The tourists are there because they want to be. It’s not a problem for me. No different from watching the tigers hunt on Nat Geo or Discovery channel.

  8. Jersey Girl says:

    their = there

  9. CincyChic says:


  10. Ateya says:

    WOW…thats is so messed up..

  11. T.S. says:

    Disgusting on some many levels!!!!!!! LIons hunt their food but DAM y pay to see it!

    Animal Cruelty FASHO!

  12. MZLADYLUV says:

    @ OH PLZ…yes we do get our meat in crazy ways, as a matter of fact my brother use to work in a meat packing plant and he vows not to ever eat meat again….but i think it was just plain mean to do that to that poor cow…

  13. Yeah Right! says:

    Y’all probably look the same way demolishing a FatBurger and fries. I mean, come on! What do you think Tigers eat? Meat! Whether they are given the meat alive or dead its still an animal sacrificed for their feedings. So they got a little excercise in before they ate? So what? At least they had manners, they didn’t play with their food like most children. Its called a food chain. If the dinosaurs still roamed the earth we’d be on the appetizer list as well.

  14. tammie reed says:

    Sad,the world really has gone mad! Buckle your seatbelts kids, it’s going to get worse!

  15. ThickLikeGumbo says:

    I understand that is how tigers eat, but that cow didnt have a chance.

    What happened to tigers hunting gazelles, zebras & other wild life.

    This was SICK!

  16. ThickLikeGumbo says:

    And, didnt those White boys sound “high as fu(k” while watching that sh1t?!

  17. Malach says:

    Where is PETA ?
    This is sick ,very sick !
    BTW – it’s a Zoo ,a public place not a jungle ……nothing good about it ,nothing to learn ,only cruelty !

  18. ed says:

    let’s stop this cruelty. I really do not understand why the fucking people were laughing at that. give the persons, who were having fun, to tigers. if so, they will feel pain that small cattle suffered.

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