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Chris Bosh’s Babymomma Files For Bankruptcy


Chris Bosh is known for being one-third of the Miami Heat “Big 3”. He just celebrated having a baby boy with his wife last year and allegedly signed a $109 million contract. However, his babymomma is filing for bankruptcy???


See two years ago Chris Bosh’s baby mama Allison Mathis went to the press complaining she had to apply for Food Stamps to stay afloat. Now when we check on her status, it seems like things didn’t get any better.

According to Radar Online,  Allison just filed for bankruptcy claiming $320,446.00 in assets and $286,946 in debt.

Now we are all trying to figure out, does this seem right? With Bosh as your baby daddy, is there something else we need to know?

The documents detail Mathis’ finances as a monthly income of $3,985 with expenses of $1,615 and states that she only has $1,250 in her checking account, $18,000 in her savings account, furniture and jewelry worth $3,700, and a 2007 BMW worth about $15,000 and owes $284,000 on her Windemere, Florida home. Mathis states her income is minimal – she declares that she makes $800 a month and receives $2,685 in child support from Bosh and receives $500 a month from family to supplement her income.


Here is a picture of Chris Bosh with his wife Adrienne Bosh and daughter from his previous babymomma Allison Mathis.

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