Chris Bosh’s Home Robbed Of $479K



Basketball player Chris Bosh will never forget turning 29 years old. His home was robbed of $479,000 worth of valuables while he celebrated his 29th birthday. Sources believe that it was an inside job as the only thing that was ran through was a closet so clearly the person knew what they were doing. More details inside.

imagesPerhaps it’s not necessarily a good idea to have so many friends and a variety of people working for you. According to reports, Chris and Adrienne Bosh arrived home at about 12:30 AM only to find things in their closet thrown around and of course…jewelery missing. Here’s a description of the items that were taken:

– 12 watches (worth $300k)
– 2 rings ($4,000)
– several purses ($155,000)

– $20,000 in cash

I feel bad that he got robbed but $20,000 in cash? Who has that much cash just sitting out? I’m sure if his workers or any friend saw cash laying around like that it would be tempting. Thankfully no one was hurt.


While someone made out with a fortune from his house, his Arabian themed birthday went down in a major way. Attendees included teammates LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem, Shane Battier, Chris Anderson, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, Joel Anthony and Juwan Howard and even owner Micky Arison. I hope he enjoyed his night because I am sure this was a headache to come home to.

Chris Bosh's 29th Moroccan-styled birthday bash in Miami, FloridaParty attendees really went all out. Different look for Wade but glad to see he actually participated.


  1. I really hate that for dude, I don’t condom anyone stealing nor taking anything for anyone. Especially when someone work so hard to get to success its not fair for someone just to come and take away from you …… but however did this I hope you are caught and prosecuted to the highest extent.. Moreover , the Arabian theme that shi* is dope and creative I like the out of box since of humor you have..


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