Chris Brown & Rihanna Are Now Following Each Other On Twitter


So I guess all is forgiven, C Breezy and RiRi are now friends again well that is via twitter. I suppose that’s the first step to each other finally making amends with one another or could it be that they just want to be in each others business on compete on who will have the hottest summer touring.


Spotted @LipStickAlley
Lots of questions speculating what the recent following was all about with time we will soon find out and you know to check back at the site to get the update.


  1. People change and it is a process and not an event. They were soul mates and i think that relationship meant something to them. I respect Rihanna for deciding to reach out even though it may have a negative impact on the money she makes but money and fame is not everything. I’m proud of her for taking a risk and deciding to reach out. Now hopefully fans will let them live their lives.

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