Christina Milian Says The-Dream Cheated & Never Loved Her


The break-up between R&B couple The-Dream and Christina Milian has taken yet another ugly turn.  Necolebitchie reported that Christina has now stop wearing her wedding ring, and is out and about doing her thing. Last week, it was revealed that The-Dream filed for divorce in February — just nine days before the birth of their daughter — claiming their relationship was “irretrievably broken.” Milian filed a response in a Georgia court last week, denying The-Dream’s assertion that they were legally separated when he filed for divorce, and adding that he had “marital relations on numerous occasions and lost love for her.” Necolebitchie also stated Christina Milian stepped out of her truck last night looking like a million bucks as she headed to dinner with tennis Champ Serena Williams.  The duo was spotted outside of Madeo Restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Milian goes on to say that if the divorce is granted, it should be on the grounds that The-Dream couldn’t remain faithful and never really loved her. The documents also reveal that Milian signed a settlement agreement, which states that both parties have waved any alimony or ownership right’s to the other person’s property. The “Dip It Low” singer claims, however, that she was in no condition to sign the agreement, as the documents were brought to her when she was nine months pregnant.

Christina Milian and The-Dream wed last September, and held a second wedding ceremony in Rome last December. Earlier this month, photos surfaced online that showed The-Dream getting close with his assistant while in the Caribbean. The singer’s rep eventually revealed that he had separated from Milian late last year. Here are some pictures of here out and about .

6 responses to “Christina Milian Says The-Dream Cheated & Never Loved Her”

  1. nunubpt says:

    The dream is so wack anyway she looks way to good to be upset over him!!! Do your thang girl!!!!

  2. cassie says:

    well of course he never loved you cause u never took the time to get love nobody feel sorry for you christina bye and we know he cheated so did u go take care of your baby

  3. Frisco415 says:

    Christina was only with him to boost her career. The Dream never loved her and she never loved him, just his status and $. Why would she wants alimony from him, they haven’t even been married for a year. Come on, did she think that having a baby would change the way he felt about her? Per the Dream, she’s too needy and clingy, no wonder Nick dumped her ass. Get your child support and keep it moving.

  4. Yes I Said It says:

    C Mili is a dumb broad.Her plan backfired.She was fking for tracks and deals.Ended up with a baby and a sorry arse hubby.Boohoo Should of ask Nivea what was up.Met in March,Preggo in july,Married in September.GO FIGURE #failure

  5. What a horrid creep he is. Just yuck at him and stupid men like him. Ugly bastard.

  6. likeCAESAR says:

    To my understanding she had chips before she got with him….I think she comes from money…which would explain how she been in the game so long with NO HITS! The Dream is an ass. Even if the marriage was failing he could’ve handled it better considering that she was knocked up!

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