Christina Milian Speaks On Divorce, Cheating, & More!


After keeping mum about her quickie marriage and subsequent divorce to The Dream, Christina Milian is finally ready to talk about what really happened between the couple. She recently sat down with Niecey Nash on her new web show, “Let’s Talk About Love”, and opened up about how sometimes even pretty girls get cheated on (that is certainly not news). Sounds like The Dream did not take his marriage vows very seriously SMH. Check out highlights and video of the interview after the cut

Christina told Niecey that a lot of men say, “How could anyone cheat on Christina…but it happens”.

On how people assume pretty girls can’t get cheated on

Beauty has nothing to do with it. I know I’m a really good wife. I know I’m a really good girlfriend. I know we’re suppose to take the blame for certain things but I gotta say I’m pretty good at all that stuff.


On what she learned from her experiences

Sometimes we are just so carried away with love and we might even mistake some things like lust for love.


*Niecey also spoke to an older gentleman that had been married for over forty years! He revealed that the secret to maintaining a long fulfilling relationship was learning how to say “sorry”. Sounds easy but it can be so hard. Watch the full interview HERE.


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  1. What is Christina talking about?!? I didn’t know she was that foolish. “people assume pretty girls can’t get cheated on”, men without teeth cheat. Women who are gorgeous are cheated on, their beauty doesn’t define a man’s morals. Your mate, you relationship is what dictates your happy ever after. Rushing into a marriage with a man who is recently divorced is Christina’s error. Was she too pretty ?!? Come on, there is thousands of Christina Milians.


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