Congressman John Lewis and Praise 102.5 Darlene McCoy, attend Real Men Cook


Miguel Blanco/OVN, Congressman John Lewis, Demetria McKinney, Atl-City Councilman, Jose Marquez                                                 Real Men Cook 2012

These are a few of the notables and Celebrity Chefs that participated in this year’s Real Men Cook held at the Georgia World Congress Center on Father’s Day. Darlene McCoy performed. I keep forgetting the Host/Radio personality for Praise knows how to sang! Congressman Lewis sure has a lot of energy for a man his age. He is everywhere …There were at least 100 Chefs in the Bldg for this grand eatery. All kinds of food from Carribean, local restaurants, mom and pops diners, waffle house, mexican food, Lemon Pepper wings, and the BIT HIT w/a line wrapped around the corner for the Lamb Sliders. Yum!!! Darlene McCoy and guest

Moses Robinson and guest

Momma Pain (T- Pain’s Mom) and Nasim the Host

What’s he cooking?

I still can’t tell….

Russell Wiggins (Friday’s Coffee), Mitsah Henry (Real Men Cook) Director, Nasim the Host

Delicious delictables

Jamaican Food Man- Wait New Orleans beads- New Orleans food mawn!

Hmmmm Island Food

Fox 5 Sports Anchor



  1. Couple of corrections Freddy O.

    Sam Crenshaw is Sports Anchor for WXIA TV 11 Alive and Not Fox 5
    Mitsah Henry is not the Real Men Cook Director but she is Real Men Cook, Cook Coordinator

    Thanks for making those corrections and thanks for posting the photos!

    Diane Larche’
    Real Men Cook For Charity Atlanta
    Event Manager


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