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Contract Disputes Halt Love & Hip Hop Production


There seems to be a little hold up for the production of Love and Hip Hop New York. Before cameras could even begin rolling, just about half of the cast walked out over contract disputes.

If it don’t make money, it don’t make a reality show.

Sources close to LAHH say that the entire cast was supposed to be on set Tuesday to film a trailer for the upcoming season. Only half of the cast showed up, while the other half didn’t show at all. No word on who exactly came ready to work.

lahhny-freddy-o-missjaye2Those who stayed cozied up at home engaged in a silent protest because negotiations over their contracts did not go as planned. Eventually, the stars that came to film ended up leaving once they got word that others stayed home.

lahhny-freddy-o-missjaye3No word yet on if the cast has come to an agreement with VH1 or boss chick Mona Scott-Young. But seeing how flat and boring the last season was, the cast needs to do something to shake things up a bit before they get the ax.  It would be smart for all of them to get to work if they wanna stay relevant! lahhny-freddy-o-missjaye4

Check out the rest of the story here.

What do you think about this LAHH Lockout?

Should they just suck it up and start filming? Let us know!

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