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Daughter Finds Fathers Who Is Now A Women


I know some people who have wanted to look for their father. But I don’t know what they would do if they had the same endind as Emily Wallis. Emily had waited years to meet the man her mom described as an “Italian Stallion” but instead she met a hair flowing, pumps wearing tranny named Chloe. LMAO thats right after her search for her father came to an end she found out her once very manly dad, was now a very womanly woman named Chloe. I don’t know what I would do in this situation, but Emily I guess took it kind of well. She said she didn’t quite know what to say so she said. , “You look better than me… and I really like your shoes.” Wow what a way to meet a long lost parent. I don’t think I could handle the dad I’ve always wanted to be a man. what about ya’ll?

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