DeShawn Snow Is Disney Bound


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Former Real Housewives of Atlanta  DeShawn Snow is  in the process of getting a divorce from Eric Snow.  Although they were married for 12 years, Eric did not get rid of their prenuptial agreement. They are  still battling it out over their divorce settlement.  Our source reports that  hearing   in Fulton County Superior Court  on July 1st, therefore we will hear more very soon.  DeShawn is very business savy and she knows the ropes. She is a great deal maker (LOL).  Our source said  that she’s close to inking a deal through her Snowball Production Company with The  Disney Network. Since she didn’t make it on reality t.v. who says her offspring can’t?  Apparently, DeShawn has been in conversation with the network to cast her three sons, Eric Javon, Darius Michael, and Jarren Christopher in a major Disney deal, which involves a  pilot.
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I hope this works for them.  Let’s see how this blows over. - 

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  1. Soon to be ex Mrs. Snow is no where near business savy. Did anybody miss the episode of RHOA and that extravagant fundraiser???? She dished out like $20,000 for that event. She had an auction, selling jewlery, caterers, valet parking, dj, etc……Had the nerve to go on Fox Morning News and tell the world that it was free?!?!?! Who does that??? You know what people are going to go to that, right? Not the people you needed to make profit off the fundraiser. What do you expect when you don’t have tickets?

    At the end of that episode when she’s sitting with Eric he asked her “how much did you spend?” She says “$20,000” he says “How much did you make?” she says “0” His face explained it all.

    Let me not even get into her process of hiring a house overseer or whatever its called. He paid way too much money for that dream house for someone to come in and spend his money like it comes from an infiniti tree. Just because she graduated doesn’t mean she knows anything……I’m just saying…I’m not surprised.

  2. This Disney show will probably be as dull and boring as she appears to be.
    And if she was such a “great deal maker” then she woulda found a way to stay on RHOA w/o having to be ghetto fabulous.

  3. Why y’all NIGG@HS so negative? Like crabs is a barrel. I hope it works out for her and her boys.

  4. Well said Jenifer, that’s why we dont progress, to busy tearing the other down. I’m gonna be like tiger, make up my own nationality. Good luck with your peps, with their crab n a barrel mentality

  5. I don’t understand why some men divorce their wives and think its ok to leave them destitute. I think the California community property law should be federal. All financial gains made during the marriage should be split 50/50.


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