Did You Know? “Who Had The First Tattoo?”



The first tattoo was discovered by scientists in 1991 on a 5,000 year old frozen body in the Alps, named “Otzi”, with tattoos on his back, knees and ankles. Tattoos have become a common place in todays society. It seems as if it has turned from a fad, to an obsession, to common place in many professions (Sports, rap, etc). I remember back in the late 90’s when every woman and their mother wanted to get tattoos on their lower back…then it was the shoulder and hip…then you started seeing sleeves and whole body art. Artists like Lil Wayne, Soilder Boy, and Rick Ross have taken the body tattoos to another level.  So, the next time you see people with a tattoo, you can say to your friends…”Did you know”?

Sometimes people REGRET the tattoos that they get, and try to cover them up. Like Pharrell recently went through a laser removal procedure…which requires big bucks. Sometimes, the damage is too severe, and you got to live with your d*ckhead situation

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Dick suka

What the hell was she thinking? I mean, I GUARANTEE this is a regret…what ya’ll think…lol


  1. Ewww!!! Figures tho! I mean really, I know I ain’t the only one who spotted all them bumps unda neath her lip. Girl, what the fck WAS she thinking?


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