Diddy Compares New Rapper Nicki Minaj To All Of The Greatest Rappers That Ever Lived


Music mogul Diddy says up-and-coming rapper Nicki Minaj is one of the “great ones.” He tells MTV.com that the Young Money rapper is a lot like some famous athletes. Diddy says, quote, “She has a long way to go, but you know how we recognized LeBron [James] was a great one, Tiger [Woods] was a great one, and Kobe [Bryant] was a great one? Nick is up there. Her story has just begun.” Minaj has yet to release a debut album, although she’s been featured on a variety of collaborations. The rapper features on Christina Aguliera’s new “Bionic” album with the track “Woohoo.” She’s also been on the Ludacris song, “My Chick Bad,” Robin Thicke’s “Shaking It For Daddy,” and Mariah Carey’s recent “Up Out My Face.” Minaj’s only solo single to date has been “Massive Attack.”
If Diddy singing Minaj’s praises sounds like he’s got stock in her — he does. The music business veteran is signing Minaj to a new management firm he is starting. He has already signed rapper Rick Ross to the new venture.

8 responses to “Diddy Compares New Rapper Nicki Minaj To All Of The Greatest Rappers That Ever Lived”

  1. mccloud127 says:

    Diddy Been Drinking Too Much Of That Chiroc, This Girl Is Garbage!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sun says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing the new movie “Get Him to the Greek”. It looks like
    its gonna be so funny! Anyone else going to see it?

  3. keith says:

    diddy done lost his mind

  4. RoZiE says:


  5. curiousone says:

    there not hating on Nicki, the truth is she is talentless as is her wardrobe lacks vision and coordination, skills as a rapper are barely average and if not for cameos she would not be seen, the lack of focus to put a complete set by bow is beyond anything and Diddy to say she is among the greatest, this is a farce from a man who has bamboozled every artist he has put on his label past and present and lacks the heart of bat, Nicki is right where she belongs, let her be another casualty to Diddy’s list( you remember Carl Thomas, Total, Day26,112,Black Rob, G-Depp,)

  6. Grown N Sexy says:

    I love Diddy but he is talking out the side of his neck and at this time he needs to shut up!!! Nicki sounds like a retarded baby trying to express herself. The only reason why she sounds hot is because there are no other lady rappers on the scene at this time. However this dizzy B***H is not great and will never be taking seriously as a real lady MC.

  7. Taneyah says:

    I agree. …..She’s not that hot………….and Diddy doesn’t know good rappers if one stared him in the face….I mean look at all of the people he chose from Making The Band Season 1. They were all GARBAGE and didn’t make it……………….

    I mean really he thought Lil Kim was hot….and she never was either…………
    To me Nicky Minaj is in the same category as KHIA the rapper that made( My neck , My Back )


  8. htown chick says:

    yall hating!nicki is going far and beyond most becuz shes actually entertaining..not just rapping!and as far as lyrical wise..go check out her pre young money songs..the girl is a beast!shes commercial now n one has to do what they can to become relevant and get money!

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