Diddy Has Pissed Off The Wrong Vodka Mogul



Diddy, the king of Ciroc vodka (one of the smoothest vodkas I have ever had, might I add) has reportedly pissed off  some of his liquor rivals.  Our sources reported that Diddy  offended Martin Silver, the millionaire behind Georgi  Vodka. Last week, Diddy took the mic in a New York nightclub and announced, “If you’re not drinking Ciroc vodka, then you’re drinking pee pee.” Wow… that is a low blow… So Silver is out for revenge and he plans on DUMPING  several liters of Diddy’s drink into a large toilet bowl and deliver the crap to the now rival mogul unless Diddy mans up and gives an apology.  That means he will be purchasing it and putting money in Diddy’s pocket…how stupid? He might as well get a sip of that smooth ciroc in the process.  I really wonder if the pissing match will go down tomorrow afternoon?  Let’s see if he is mellow or yellow to follow through with it. – Courtney L.


  1. Diddy has too much pride and ego he has to overstand that the people hes dealing with are just as powerful


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