Diddy & Cassy In Love; Showing It On Twitter


Once again we have proof that Bad Boy Records C.E.O., Diddy and signee Cassie are a serious item as they have been posting their love for each other via twitter….photos inside

Over the past couple of years we’ve been questioning the relationship between Cassie and Diddy and if it was more than just a business/friendship.  But the cats definitely out of the bag on this one. As per iamnotacelebrityasskisser.blogspot.com Cassie tweeted this picture via instagram along with a message stating her feelings towards Diddy responded with a photo of her and a similar message.

I mean come on guys, you can deny it all you want but we’re not that stupid.


  1. wow no kidding so all kids and the only thing Kim Porter get is money and knowing when she did that Essence ””No Ordinary Love””Issue was to be dump for a young girl.stfh


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