DMX’s weekend performance for a church fundraiser has been called off. is reporting that Glendale, Arizona’s Independence High School has decided not to let Morning Star Sanctified Church hold their “Gospel Rap Extravaganza” on their campus. The school reportedly decided to pull out when they found out that DMX – who has a lengthy criminal history – was going to be involved.. Pastor Barbara King says she’s taken out a one-million-dollar insurance policy on the concert, but Independence High School wasn’t willing to change their mind. The school will return Morning Star’s 500-dollar deposit. The church is giving everyone who purchased a ticket a refund, and is planning to hold the event at a later date at the church.

DMX is currently working on the albums “Walk With Me Now” and “You’ll Fly With Me Later.” Both projects are expected to arrive later this year.


  1. They need to back the fuck off of X. Why can’t a man change and ppl be happy with it? He’s trying to do something for the kids and the LORD what’s wrong with that? And his past should be all the more reason they have him minister to the younger folk. He needs to get the fuck outta AZ! Didn’t that crazy ass cop Joe Apayo lock him up on some bullshit?


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