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Dr Jameelah Gater, Jermaine Carter, Dustin Michael and more attend Brazilian Carnival

Jermaine Carter, guest, Dustin Michael and Dr Jameela Gater
Jermaine Carter, guest, Dustin Michael and Dr Jameela Gater

Quad Webb Lunceford, our very own Married to Medicine wifey, entrepreneur, business woman and philanthropist really knows how to fill a party with important people.It always pays to be the person in the room with the best networking eye and a gift of gab. This is the only way you will discover who’s who at a party of professional who’s who’s. So I bumped into these four important people. Let’s start left to right, actor Jermaine Carter who goes by the artist name @JYoungmdk (he will be playing Hussein Fatel) in the upcoming TUPAC biopic “All Eyez On Me.”  Then to his left (our right) is yep, Dustin Michael @Dustinmichael00 from the group B5, standing next to the Dr. who has been slimming down waistlines and guts all over the city of Atlanta Dr. Jameela Gater. (She hooked up our girl from the #GlamUniversity). Check out her work on IG @jameelahgater.

Quad Webb Lunceford
Quad Webb Lunceford “The Birthday Girl”

Dr Greg Lunceford you better be looking at your woman with that sparkle in your eye because she is looking great standing there in her birthday suit covered with Brazilian Carnival feathers. I know you guys cause the introduction dance moves (if not I posted it on the gram). Quad’s big 21st birthday party. I wonder what club she is going to attend first. This is a big day for Quad. I’m sure she will be celebrating all month so if you see her out please wish her a belated happy birthday!  Quad was very adamant about her real friends attending her extravaganza. Let’s reflect who was there and who was not. (just messy) teehee!

Genese (the newbie), Dr Jackie and Dr. Simone
Genese (the newbie), Dr Jackie and Dr. Simone

Spotted was the newbie (Dr’s wife) Genese, Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone. I know that Toya Bush-Harris was there and so was Dr Heavenly. So that only leaves out two of the wives that was a no-show. Maybe they had to work. Speaking of working it. My girl Delicia Decordon was working the heck out of those feathers and that white bandage dress! She looked amazing! I don’t know who looked more tasty, @Msdecordon or the bottle of Bell’amore Wine she was holding.

Delicia DeCordon and her crew
Delicia DeCordon and her crew

I do know the Rum Punch was a hit! I also know the correct name of the drink that had everyone talking was #SailorsDelight basically it was like a rum punch made with adding a bottle or two of Bell’Amore midnight red wine (I believe it would taste good adding the rose’ as well) but all I know for sure is that the people were killing that drink! It was voted most popular conversation piece of the evening!

Bell'Amore Wine Midnight Red
Bell’Amore Wine Midnight Red

Great job Quad on the decor, the guests, the food, the mansion and great job on being you! Don’t ever change!  Special shout out to Dr. Gregory Lunceford for setting the example on how to do it big for your wife’s birthday!

Why am I not surprised Ms Alana Banks is positioned in the middle?

Quad giving Dr. Simone the tea

Owner of Nancy’s Chicago Pizza (far right) Greg Cole

Bell’Amore Wines – Rose’ , Midnight Red, and Moscato

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