Elin Woods Is Being Paid To Stay Married To Tiger.. Would You Stay? & Do All Men Cheat?


I have to say these past few day have been crazy for the Woods family, all there dirty business is now out in the streets. My homie asked me do all men cheat I replied NO!!! She then said “Really – Really FreddyO,  you know you lying”… I then started thinking about all the people that ask me not to take their picture becuase they were doing things that they should not be doing… Some even going as far as to ask me to see all the pic’s to make sure I didnt get a pic of them…. So now that that was said I would have to say most do, but still their are some who dont… What do you think?

Tiger Woods’ alleged extramarital saga now extends to reports that his wife is being paid a seven-figure amount to stand by her man. The couple is also reportedly now in intense marriage counseling sessions that are occurring several times daily. A report by the “Chicago Sun-Times” says the money has been transferred to an account controlled solely by the golf star’s wife, Elin  Nordegren Woods. A reported demand to revise the couple’s prenuptial agreement is also said to have been met.

The paper says under the current terms, the couple would have to be married for ten years for Elin Woods to receive a settlement of 20-million-dollars. The demand to revise the agreement is said to include a shortened time frame for the length of the marriage and a, quote, “substantial” settlement increase. Tiger and Elin Woods have two young children together.

9 responses to “Elin Woods Is Being Paid To Stay Married To Tiger.. Would You Stay? & Do All Men Cheat?”

  1. Souljagir says:

    I loves me some Freddy O’, I can’t believe they check your pictures though lol!

    Why does she need that substantial amount of money to stay with a man she supposedly loves? I mean come one Tiger you see it clear as day, the less fortunate go to marriage counseling for much less and would stand by their man through much more. I mean yes there are children involved and what he did wasn’t in their best interest but that shouldn’t be the reason for them to stay in a dysfunctional relationship. I mean if they’re trying to shield them from something then why would they make the settlement agreement on the marriage as if the children will respect that too when they get older? I mean they’re simple minded….on the other hand a woman in her position (as many richer women) would have remained poised and stuck it out because real gold diggers only want riches and this would have been water under the bridge! I say separate in the children’s best interest and work on making their lives the best…the marriage is public and that can only make it unbearable and it won’t work!

  2. Souljagir says:

    No, not all men cheat but im a person who looks at everything as a glass half full when it’s empty but my man’s not a cheater thank God you just have to pick them right. Everything’s a gamble.

  3. Mel..x says:

    emm freddy, i think i would STAY!! lol..x he did me wrong so i need all the paper i can get.. lool its recession lol.. and em YEAH ALL BLACK MEN CHEAT.. that yy my fine self is by my damn self 😀

  4. May the wife get all she can get, TIGER had no business treating her the way he did so i have NO RESPECT for him nor any other man who does this mess. So if he now has to pay his wife to stay with him so be it.

    If you’re not happy with commitment DON’T GET IN A RELATIONSHIP NOR A MARRIAGE.

  5. DO I THINK ALL MEN CHEAT? YES until they’re at an age their dicks no longer function for a woman.

    Men just like women MENTALLY CHEAT, VISUALLY CHEAT, AND VERBALLY CHEAT. It’s doesn’t always have to be physically cheating and any man or woman who may say this is not true is GUILTY of what i’ve stated here.

  6. Mya says:

    I don’t think that all men cheat. I think that if your heart is not truly 100% in the relationship, be a man or woman and tell the person you are in the relationship with. A sideline whore does not care about family or kids. The whore ran her mouth life a faucet for pennies on the dollar and the wife gets millions.

  7. heather says:

    all men cheat but most get caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  9. paolo says:

    lol..i dont think that was true..she stays for their marriage because of her kids….and i guess she still loves woods……and thats all…anyway you can check out for this video..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBB4x8GYxsU

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