Episode 2 Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta + Kandi’s New Song “I Just Know”


In last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta my girl Kandi sang her heart out to all her closet friends, and of corse the other members of the Housewives.  This was the first episode all the girls met each other in one place this season. We saw the big fight and makeup wit Nene Dwight and her son, Sheree’s has a new man, Kim started working out and is about to do her first concert, Phaedra Parks let us meet her mama and let us know she don’t take no mess, Cynthia Bailey showed off her club, and most importantly we got the chance to listen to one of Kandi’s new songs that she sang live on stage. Just so yall know FreddyO & Lisa Wu Hartwell were also in the building they just edited us out of all of the scenes.(why they hating)

The song featured on the show was called “I just Know” and was written by Kandi. Kandi wrote the song for AJ and all the love they shared when they first started talking about getting married. You can buy the song on Itunes(Buy Here) and it will be on her forthcoming album called “Kandi Koated”, which comes out November 23 2010. Make sure yall buy 3 copies…. Here’s the song and all the photo’s tell me if yall are feeling it?

22 responses to “Episode 2 Of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta + Kandi’s New Song “I Just Know””

  1. Pink says:

    I love the song Kandi

  2. kk says:

    FreddyO why is that girl from college hill in the picture. does she not have a job

  3. kk says:

    Kandi I love the song if only it was in key, but girl you tried

  4. BigPopah says:

    KK quit hating!!! Kandi I was down wit you from back in the day! And lady you still got skillz!!!! Glad you dont have to carry those other girl’s! Now you shine on your own, like a star should!!! =)

  5. JAMES says:

    I liked the song

  6. HTTP says:

    NeNe is doing to much for me this season

  7. briestoooo bby. says:

    i lovee kandy && all the otherr real housewives of ATl bby

  8. teaguem2005 says:

    KK when you are a “real” (not studio or auto tuned) singer, there are times when your vocals may go astray. No matter though cause Kandi was off the hook and her emotions were real and she sang from the heart and soul and if you knew anything at all about music then you’d understand. If she were in the studio laying the tracks then they would go back to “perfect” the note ur bitchin about. But guess what, she’s human. #UrJustAHater.

  9. likeCAESAR says:

    Yall trippin…that song is trash! LOL. GTFOH!

    Sidenote: I don’t dig the lil half drag. Over doing it..

  10. JON says:

    Damn Right the song with her on it sounds like trash . but Kandi do have a fat ass. yo Kandi you should sale the song to Beyonce so it will be a #1hit

  11. Moon says:


    I would love to say this song “I Just Know” speaks volumes. It is a love song for all those who know what love is about. We don’t have to explian to others how we feel because we just know. This is rings true for me and my fiance and your song is a song that I have picked for a first dance at my wedding. Now I have to let my fiance hear it and I hope he agrees. Thank you for putting this song out. I wish you the best of luck in your life and GOD Bless you!!

  12. DC T says:

    Kandi I loved the song keep up all the good music . fuck the haters

  13. Lia says:

    Jon I AGREE beyonce should get this song or christe michelle, melanie fiona it would be a hit. she is a good song writer and a medium singer, she should be proud of herself 🙂 being a song writer.

  14. MQ says:

    Phaedra did not need to show her mama off that woman big ass hell

  15. Supa_sexy says:

    I like the fact that Kandi is so confident about her singing career but on the real, she needs to give it up and stick to the writing.

  16. lil cous says:

    Neyo told her on the episode, be proud of being a songwritter. I love her, but I did not like her singing that song. sorry. keep writing though girl, you good wit it…..

  17. Teresa says:

    Kandi just needs to stay behind
    the scenes she isn’t making any hits.
    She needs needs to write for other artists.

  18. Deanndmere says:

    Being a songwriter myself i enjoyed the song. The lyrics were nice and strong and she sang them with heart. She didnt sound terrible yall dam, but I do agree that this song would be great if sung by another artist!

    Good stuff tho Kandi hunny!.:)

  19. misstashababy says:

    come on ya’ll STOP going in on my girl Kandi like that the song is hot she can sang her ass off every1 has a different tone and she’s more soulful and sings with power all that is with in her Kandi i love u as a artist and as a person (NO HOMO) im gonna always b ur biggest fan reguardless if she writes or sings im supporting her, we need more positive energy,ppl thats gonna support, and dont b so quick to judge… celebs r humans just like us its not easy doing ur thing infront of MILLIONS of ppl Thanks Kandi for sharing ur life with us some of us appericate it.

  20. YVONNE says:


  21. Loaded Lo says:

    Kandi is my favorite housewife by far! 🙂
    Also like the song. Do your thang Kandi!

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