Eric Williams of ‘Basketball Wives’ Arrest Warrant Issued for Missing Paternity Test Hearing



Eric Williams the ex-husband of Jennifer Williams is in the news again and it’s about an arrest warrant pertaining to a DNA testing and a paternity hearing.

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Eric Williams neglected to take appear before a judge for a paternity case and did not submit a court ordered DNA sample. A judge issued an arrest warrant for Eric Williams because he skipped his paternity hearing which included him appearing before the court and submitting a DNA sample.

Back story: Eric is in the midst of a paternity suit that involved a woman who claims he’s the father of her son born in October 2011. Eric and Jennifer was still living together as husband and wife when this child was born. According to TMZ Eric has been pretending the case does not exist. Eric does not have an attorney and he’s ignoring phone calls and texts from the baby mama.

Wow, this is really interesting. We wonder if Eric is the baby daddy?

Do you think he would knowingly avoid his son?

Do you think this paternity suit was the final straw that broke Jennifer’s back?

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Source via: TMZ.



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