Evelyn Lozada Cancels ALL Public Appearances After Fight With Chad

Sources report Evelyn Lozada isn’t down for any face time appearances in public following her sad yet nasty break-up with now unemployed NFLer Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.
The reality “Basketball Wives” star has cancelled all her upcoming public appearances for the immediate future.
Evelyn had several gigs lined up, including the second half of her book tour for “The Wives Association: Inner Circle,” as well as various club events and a book expo in September where she was supposed to appear alongside “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice, a source tells TMZ.
But the bottom line is that Evelyn is not ready to deal with the questions the public will ask regarding the domestic violence incident and divorce so she pulled the plug on all the engagements.
As we previously reported, Evelyn filed for divorce just days after Chad was arrested for allegedly head-butting her during a argument.

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  1. robin says:

    keep your head up girl! there need to be other strong women like you that should know when its time to walk away. we all make bad choices in life and some of the choices that we choose to make is not always right. we as women have all been blinded by love at one point and time. just take this with a grain of salt and keep it moving! you are a beautiful woman, so im sure that you will find mr. right one day.

  2. That’s exactly what you get for thinking you were all that and on top of the world looking down on everybody else. You wanted to be a basketball wife so bad now look at you. HA-HA BITCH!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Mm says:

    ALL “public appearances” !? Not even sucking it in the street !?!

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