Evelyn Lozada Vows To Stop ‘Acting A Fool’ On Basketball Wives


After all of the her antics on “Basket ball Wives” Evelyn Lozada decides that she wants to have more of a positive perception on the show. She says “She realized that that’s not the way a women of her blessings should Act”. No more Evelyn climbing across a table like a posessive animal attempting to beat somebody ass. No more Evelyn throwing bottles like a demon possess person…. Evelyn claims she has change her ways….. Whatever!

In Evelyn Lozada interview on NightLine, “Amy Robach on Nightline about the incident with Chad for the first time, Evelyn was asked why fans of the show may have little sympathy towards her following her violent antics towards other cast members.

“I understand it, but it’s like saying, look at that woman, look what she had on, that’s why she got raped.


Whatever the perception of me on Basketball Wives, that doesn’t justify what happened that day.”

Although Evelyn says she will make that change for a more positive image she want bite her tongue and will still get her point across………………..We’ll see how that goes! HA

“I’m always gonna voice my opinion.You won’t see me acting a fool. I’ve grown a lot in the last couple of months,” she admitted.


  1. Yeah right. Once a fool, always a fool. Talking about Chad needs help. I’ve never seen Chad act the way she do on TV. Evelyn, don’t you think you need help? I can only imagine how she was acting when she found those condoms. She probably jumped across the car seat, and they butted heads accidentially. Not many people are feeling sorry for her, after what she did to Jennifer. I did not watch last season, just saw clips on the internet. You ain’t gon change boo, boo. This is what Chad get for choosing lust over love.


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